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Flor do Caribe: Cassiano saves Alberto’s life and has a glorious ending; know details


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Cassiano (Henri Castelli) will have another act of heroism in the last chapter of Flor do Caribe. Upon seeing Alberto (Henri Castelli) try to drown himself, the pilot will not think twice. He will jump into the sea and save the life of the man who disgraced part of his life in Globo’s six o’clock soap opera.

Interned after losing lucidity, the ex-millionaire will show little progress with his treatment. However, a visit from Yvete (Patrícia Naves) will serve as a trigger for the ex-businessman to have an outbreak.

The former secretary of Grupo Albuquerque will take news from Vila dos Ventos and ask if he knows what happened to his grandfather. Guiomar’s son (Claudia Netto) will say that he saw on television the report about the sentence of Dionísio (Sérgio Mamberti) in Germany. “The executioner, the messenger of death was condemned”, will speak the bad character.

In addition to information about the Nazi villain, she will try to report on Guiomar and Laurinha (Vitória and Serena Lovatel), but Alberto will cut her off and say he wants to know about Ester (Grazi Massafera). “She must be fine, even because …”, begins Yvete, who will shut up before concluding.

“Really why? It ends,” will ask Alberto, who will be irritated and take her arm. “Yvete, finish talking. Esther is okay, why?”, She will insist. “Because she marries Cassiano tomorrow”, the woman will release to the amazement of Alberto, who will leave her in the courtyard of the clinic alone and run away, furious.

Alberto will not be able to handle Ester’s wedding information. THE NEXT day, while Ester and Cassiano will be preparing for the ceremony, he will flee the clinic.

The ex-businessman will run down the road. He will be able to reach the city at the time of the ex-wife’s wedding and watch everything hidden. The villain will suffer when he sees the happiness of the blonde and her rival, but the pain will not prevent him from committing more madness.

Henri Castelli and Grazi Massafera in Flor do Caribe

The rescue

The fugitive will go to the speedboat that Ester and Cassiano will use to go on their honeymoon and leave a gift for the good guy. “Everything is so beautiful”, the blonde will observe when she gets on the boat and sees everything decorated. At a table, with fruit and champagne, she will see a flower. “Cassiano, did you bring the Caribbean flower here?”, The girl will admire.

“No, I didn’t bring it here. But there’s a ticket here. ‘Congratulations, Cassiano. Congratulations on your last victory. Alberto'”, will read the groom. “But was Alberto here? Is he not hospitalized?”, Esther will worry, while her husband will ask her to calm down.

Lindaura’s daughter (Angela Vieira) will say that her ex-husband may have placed a bomb on the boat, and they will start looking around for Alberto. Esther will see her ex-husband on the shore as he walks towards the sea. “What is this crazy guy going to do now?”, Cassiano will ask himself.

He will walk to the sea, enter the water and follow until he can no longer reach the ground. The villain will drown in front of the newlyweds. “He’s drowning!”, Will see Taís’s brother (Débora Nascimento), who will jump in the water, followed by Esther. They will swim up to Dionysus’s grandson and take him out of the water.

In the sand, Cassiano will try to revive his rival with a cardiac massage. “React, man. Go, Alberto, react!”, He will ask. The former president of Grupo Albuquerque will wake up and spit out a lot of water. “What did you do with your life?”, Will ask Samuca’s father (Vitor Figueiredo).

They will put you seated. “Stay calm, breathe. It’s okay!”, The pilot will speak. After the shock, Alberto will look at Cassiano and Ester, will hold their hand, and emotionally will thank you for your life. “Thank you”, the antagonist will say, softly and really being sincere.

Caribbean Flower will be replaced by reprise of A Vida da Gente (2011) from next Monday (1st). With the “special edition” of Lícia Manzo’s booklet, Globo postponed the debut of the unprecedented In the Emperor’s Times for the second half of this year.

In addition to the spoilers, the TV Newspublish daily the summary of the six o’clock soap opera that the broadcaster is reprising due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Flor do Caribe: Cassiano saves Alberto's life and has a glorious ending;  know details