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Flor do Caribe: Dionísio has piripaque when facing ‘ghost’ and sinister prophecy


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Dionísio (Sérgio Mamberti) will have a piripaque when facing a “ghost” of the past in Flor do Caribe. The millionaire will pass out on meeting a candidate for cook. The woman, in fact, is a spy. She is identical to the gypsy who made a sinister prophecy for the Nazi executioner during World War II (1939-1945) in Globo’s six o’clock soap opera.

The elderly will be looking at pictures of when he was young and will remember the gypsy who made a prophecy about his future. “The crimes committed by you will not go unpunished, only covered by the sands of time, but not forever. The boy who is left behind will return. As an avenging angel, he will remove the sands of the past and reveal to the world all rot of your soul “, Safira (Suzana Pires) will speak in the flashback.

“The boy will come back and for his hands you will pay for all the damage he sowed on the earth”, the gypsy woman will shoot at the images of the crook.

In the living room, Manolo (Elias Gleizer) will arrive with his granddaughter Aurora (Suzana Pires). “Do you remember me? The other day I was here talking to your boss”, you will speak to Zuleika (Gisele Alves).

The maid will comment that she remembers the man and that he would take his granddaughter for an interview for the position of cook. While Zuleika leaves to call Guiomar (Claudia Netto), who will interview the alleged candidate for the mansion’s cook, Aurora will pick up the phone from the living room to install a bug, which is her real purpose there.

“Are you going to put this little device in there on the phone? And will we be able to hear Klaus’s conversation? What is the technology! Look!”, Manolo will be surprised, while his granddaughter does the job.

Persecution of the past

Guiomar will arrive to talk to the candidate and will call his father-in-law. “Dionísio Albuquerque in person. I heard so much about you,” says Aurora. When looking at the girl, the millionaire will be in shock. He will put his hand on his chest and start to feel sick.

“What are you feeling, Mr. Dionisio?”, Asks Manolo. “It can’t be, Guiomar”, the Nazi villain will whisper. “It looks like he saw a ghost,” said Manolo to his granddaughter. While Guiomar yells at Zuleika to take the medicine from Alberto’s grandfather (Igor Rickli), he will not stop repeating “it can’t be true”.

“What happened to him, huh?”, Manolo will ask his granddaughter. “I don’t know, grandpa. But let’s get out of here,” the woman will suggest. “The gypsy, the gypsy Guiomar”, will repeat Dionísio.

Dionysus malaise scene in Flor do Caribe

Summary of chapters

Second, 2/15 (Chapter 145)
Guiomar despairs when he sees Alberto unconscious on the bed. The delegate orders Dionísio to be arrested and seizes his passport. Guiomar asks a psychiatrist for help to treat Alberto. Ciro and Mila are engaged.

Eric obtains habeas corpus for Dionysus, but warns that the businessman will be under house arrest. Alberto wakes up from the outbreak and acts as if nothing has happened. Nicole confesses to Vivi and Nina that she is in love with Quirino. Dionísio lets the flying saucer, given by Candinho, fall to the ground. Candinho freaks out.

Tuesday, 2/16 (Chapter 146)
Candinho remembers an episode from his childhood and shows aversion for his father. Manolo reveals to the delegate that Dionísio was known as Klaus Wagner. Marizé is happy to see Cristal and player Fred at her birthday party.

The police chief tells Samuel and Manolo that he will help them prevent any attempt to flee Dionysus. Aurora calls Manolo and says that she managed to gather all the documentation about Klaus Wagner. Dionísio tells Guiomar that Alberto is cheating on him. Esther does not feel well.

Wednesday, 2/17 (Chapter 147)
Ester tells Amaralina that she is not pregnant. Aurora arrives at Vila dos Ventos. Otto assures Dionísio that he will help him escape from Brazil. Manolo tells Aurora that the granddaughter will be able to enter Dionísio’s house as a cook. Guiomar is surprised when Alberto agrees to go to the doctor with her.

Cassiano comments to Olivia that he is worried about Esther. Aurora reveals to Lindaura that she will tap the phone of Dionysus’ house. Ester decides to go to Natal by buggy and ends up having an accident. Alberto witnesses Ester’s accident.

Thursday, 2/18 (Chapter 148)
Alberto helps Esther. Amaralina doesn’t like to see Rodrigo talking to Vivi. Cassiano calls Ester’s cell phone, and Alberto answers without saying what happened to her. Lindaura tells Cassiano to call the police. The doctor reveals to Alberto that Ester is pregnant.

Zuleika tells Bibiana and Donato that Hélio asked them to visit him. The doctor tells Cassiano that Esther should be at rest during pregnancy. Aurora places a listening device on Dionysus’s home phone. Dionysus is upset to see Aurora.

Friday, 2/19 (Chapter 149)
Dionísio calls for the gypsy when he sees Aurora, seeming to suffer a hallucination. Manolo tells Samuel that Aurora has managed to install the listening device on Dionisio’s phone. At the mine, Cassiano and Duque believe they are rich. Quirino goes to Flor do Caribe and dances with Nicole.

Guiomar threatens to tell what he knows about Dionísio’s true identity. He tells Otto that he was discovered by Manolo and Aurora, and asks for help to get out of the country as soon as possible. Alberto overhears his grandfather’s conversation with Otto.

Saturday, 2/20 (Chapter 150)
Alberto tells Guiomar that he feels better after going to the doctor’s appointment. Guiomar finds his son’s affectionate behavior strange. Donato and Bibiana visit Hélio in jail and promise to get a lawyer for their son.

Juliano worries about Janaína’s education. Aurora overhears Dionísio and Otto’s phone conversation and concludes that Dionísio plans to escape. Ester and Cassiano realize that Alberto deceived the two and kidnapped Laurinha. Cassiano and Ester look for Laurinha at Alberto’s house.

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