Former participants of ‘Power Couple Brasil’ fight in hotel; watch – Young Pan


There was screaming in the place where the eliminated were confined to participate in the final of the reality show after Filipe Duarte and Nina Cachoeira had a falling out with Mirela Janis and Yugnir

Reproduction/Instagram/mirelajanis/ninacachoeira/22.07.2021Filipe Duarte lost control after the provocations of Mirela Janis

Participants eliminated from the “Power Couple Brasil” were confined to a hotel to participate in the final stretch of the reality show on Record and this reunion ended in confusion. Last Thursday, 21, Mirela Janis posted some stories showing that the ex-participants were all staying on the same floor and, after a while, she said she was “unending stale” because of the things she was hearing in the hallways, but the fight only really started When Philip Duarte, who took a speaker to the hotel, put the music on shiver, by Mirela. The singer understood it as a provocation and recorded stories reacting. “These people love me so much they’re playing [minha música]. Do you know who the DJ is? I’m not even going to say who the DJ is who put the music to play for everyone. Filipe, I’m going to sing for you, I learned to sing my song”, shouted Mirela.

the husband of Nina waterfall he didn’t like the singer’s reaction and started screaming in the hotel. “Respect me, you talk about others on the internet, it’s not me”, shouted Filipe in the fight. It is noteworthy that the former participants could not get close to each other because the test result of Covid-19 it wasn’t ready yet. When posting videos of Filipe screaming, Yugnir’s fiancée commented: “They put my music to play here in the hallway mocking, they made stories asking for a show and now they’ve gone crazy”.

The discussion between opposing couples became a topic on social networks and both retracted. “I apologize once again for everything that happened, but we are calm because we have our truth, we are at peace”, posted Mirela. Nina published a video telling her version of the story: “Since we left the program, we’ve been being attacked a lot on the social network. Unfortunately, here inside the hotel, in the confinement, Filipe had been putting music on since the morning and Medrado said: ‘I doubt you put the creamy music on [Mirela]’. Filipe put hers and that of all the artists that are here. Mirela made a post, I don’t know if she liked it or not, and I went there and made a post too. She came here almost to the bedroom door, started screaming and we, to defend ourselves, once again reacting, went there and screamed. Sorry, I’m ashamed of what happened. We didn’t do it right and neither did they.” Filipe added: “We once again reacted to what they did to us. My apologies”.

Mirela and Filipe had been getting together on social media for a few days. It all started when the singer made a post in June criticizing the fact that Nina and Filipe are still on “Power Couple”. When the singer found out about this publication, he decided to counter and made a post saying that he stayed in the game as long as the public wanted and also provoked the singer saying that she didn’t know how to sing her own songs. Mirela didn’t let it go and answered Filipe, something that made them continue with the exchange of barbs on social networks.