Former teacher of Viviane Araujo accuses Globo of lying: ‘They wanted to blame me’


Former partner of Viviane Araujo in Super Dança dos Famosos, Adeilton Ribeiro was fired from the program after he and the actress lost to Paolla Oliveira and went to the recap of the attraction. On Monday night (12), the dancer published a 20-minute outburst and gave his version of the departure. The teacher accused Globo of lying to him, in addition to treating him with contempt in the situation.

Ribeiro acknowledged that the first performance with Viviane was not the best possible and said that, after the last dress rehearsal, the direction asked him to change some “footprints” of the choreography, which he says he did after talking to the artist.

“Some footprints didn’t work out, some things didn’t work out, as you could see on television. The director came to me and said he would have to change some footprints at the last minute, at no time in the first rehearsals was I told that it would have to change the footprint, even because the footprints were working out and they were amazing. I got to her and told her that, obviously it would generate nervousness. Obviously I wouldn’t disobey the direction. The painting is not mine,” said the dancer.

After failing to win the first phase and moving on to the repechage, the teacher called his partner the next day to find out if everything was ok and told him that he would dedicate himself so that they improve in the next rehearsals. However, he was surprised by news that Viviane was dissatisfied, which she denied to Adeilton Ribeiro.

“The other day, I asked the people at Globo, and they said that everything was fine, that they knew everything and that they were just gossip sites and that I wouldn’t have to call because it would be okay between me, Globo and to Vivane”, reported the dancer from Salvador, Bahia.

A day later he received a call from Globo. “They called me and told me that I was being turned off because my partner was dissatisfied. Then my record fell, because I put several questions in my head, we feel guilty for several situations that we shouldn’t blame ourselves for” , he said.

Ribeiro revealed that he entered a “state of very deep sadness” and had the help of friends and family to recover and commented that the Dance of the Famous had emerged as a lifelong dream, but ended up becoming a trauma.

“I was unhappy with the way they turned me off, I don’t think any human being should be treated like that. They treated me with a lot of contempt. They called me and said I was turned off. I called later wanting to arrange a meeting to make things more correct, as it should be with any other professional, but it wasn’t,” he said.

After the insistence, the Globo agreed to hold a meeting with Viviane Araujo’s former partner. Without naming names, Ribeiro said that he spoke with three directors of the program, and one of them would have given as justification for his departure something that would not be true.

They said to me like this: ‘What happened was that you disobeyed us, we told you to change your grip at rehearsals’. I said hi?’. Then I said it was already too much, I was full, and I said that they never told me that I changed my grip in rehearsals, all my rehearsals were happening correctly.

In the beginning, no one had asked to change. Then I said that this had not happened at any time, they wanted to put this blame. I don’t know what the conversation was between them and Viviane. I know what happened to me.

The dancer did not criticize Viviane Araujo and wished success to her and to her new teacher, Rodrigo Oliveira, with whom Ribeiro said he had already taken classes. The actress’s former partner reinforced that he was not to blame for anything in Super Dance.

“They didn’t give me a chance to justify myself, this happened because I didn’t obey a footstep. A shallow, empty justification for a professional of my size. I’m professionally accomplished. It was a justification for treating a professional, it made me sad. I thought I was. wronged for that, I thought I was belittled by the way he was treated to me. And why was it only me? That made me very sad, I was there for competence”, he said,

At the end of the video, Ribeiro mentioned the departure of Fausto Silva from Globo: “But it’s a company, this is a company. Look at how Faustão left. Do you think that a simple dancer will want to say something? They’ll make it invisible” .

Wanted by TV news, Globo did not manifest itself until the closing of this text. On the 6th of last month, Viviane Araújo denied that she had asked to change teachers. With a new partner, the actress managed to qualify for the next stage and received praise from everyone.

“It turned out that I was having stardom attacks, that I didn’t accept losing and was pulling my strings. That’s not true. We talked, and the decision was made by the management. I leave here my affection for Adeilton. Everything I do. I told him from my heart, I know he knows,” argued the drum queen, in a video posted on social networks.

Watch Adeilton Ribeiro’s outburst below: