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From A Madman on the Piece to Women of Sand: The news of Globoplay in March


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Globoplay released on Friday (26) the main releases that will enter its catalog during the month of March. Among the novelties are Um Maluco no Pedaço (1990-1996), a success with Will Smith and which has already passed through Netflix, and Mulheres de Areia (1993), a soap opera by Globo that marked the era in the 1990s.

Another audience leader that will enter the streaming service is Vamp (1991), a soap opera by Antônio Calmon starring Ney Latorraca, Claudia Ohana and Reginaldo Faria. With a theme involving vampires, the production is still remembered by the public today.

The platform also welcomes Daughters of Eva, Globoplay’s original production with Giovanna Antonelli and Renata Sorrah in the cast, one of the many releases planned by the service to debut in the coming months. There is also Os Maias (2001), a miniseries starring Ana Paula Arósio and Fabio Assunção based on the work of Eça de Queiroz (1845-1900).

Check below the synopses of the releases of March on Globoplay:

Vamp (1st day)

In the story, Natasha (Claudia Ohana) is a rock singer internationally known for making a pact with the leader of the vampires, Count Vladimir Polankski (Ney Latorraca). The only weapon that can help you destroy it is the Cruz de São Sebastião, which is hidden in the seaside town of Armação dos Anjos. The soap opera turns 30 in 2021.

Eva’s daughters (day 8)

The series tells the story of three women who are stuck in patterns that don’t make them happy. After 50 years of marriage, Stela decides to separate and ends up changing the lives of the people around her, especially that of Lívia, her daughter, and that of the hitherto unknown Cléo. With Renata Sorrah, Giovanna Antonelli, Vanessa Giácomo, Dan Stulbach and Stênio Garcia in the cast.

The Mayans (15th)

Set in Lisbon, the mini-series of the same name to the book by Eça de Queiroz is narrated by Raul Cortez and begins when Pedro da Maia (Leonardo Vieira), son of Afonso da Maia (Walmor Chagas), falls in love with Maria Monforte (Simone Spoladore). The novel is rejected by Afonso because the girl does not belong to high society.

Despite the patriarch’s chagrin, they get married and have two children. Everything changes when Maria, in love, runs away with an Italian prince. She takes her daughter with her and leaves the boy in the care of the father, who ends up being raised by his grandfather.

Women of Sand (day 29)

The plot takes place in the coastal city Pontal D’Areia and its central theme is the rivalry between two twin sisters: Ruth and Raquel, both played by Gloria Pires.

Ruth is sweet, calm and has a good heart. Raquel, on the other hand, is selfish, aggressive and bad. Taking advantage of the physical resemblance to her sister, Raquel plans to win over Ruth’s boyfriend, the successful businessman Marcos Assunção (Guilherme Fontes).

Crazy in the Piece (complete, undated)

The sitcom tells the story of Will (Will Smith), a young man of humble origin from Philadelphia who moves to Bel-Air, a luxurious neighborhood in California, to live in a mansion with his uncles and cousins.

The protagonist does not care about his studies and does not adapt well to the new routine. He then behaves inappropriately and gets involved in various confusions and fun misadventures with his family in the new home.

After the premiere on Globoplay, Um Maluco no Pedaço will be part of Multishow’s programming from the beginning, with episodes shown from Monday to Friday. The time has not yet been informed by the paid channel.

Sanditon (first season, undated)

After meeting the enthusiastic Tom Parker, young Charlotte moves from her family’s farm to the city of Sanditon, a place with great potential to become a luxury resort.

Trickster: Agent of Chaos (complete, undated)

Young Jared goes to great lengths to support his dysfunctional family. Everything is complicated when he notices supernatural events linked to indigenous mythology and its own origin.

East Los High (seasons 1 to 3, no date)

A group of friends from a Latin community in Los Angeles faces the difficulties of adolescence in a plot full of love, sex and revenge.

Basic Unit (complete, undated)

Paulo (Caco Ciocler) is a doctor at a Basic Health Unit on the outskirts of São Paulo and needs to deal daily with all the difficulties of the place and with the arrival of the newly formed Dr. Laura (Ana Petta). The cast also features Carlota Joaquina, Bianca Müller, Vinícius de Oliveira and Ivo Müller.

Perrengue (complete, undated)

Inseparable friends, Pérola, Miguel and Cadu will live together in the same house, where they share experiences and face the struggles of adult life. Starring Mariana Molina, Guilherme Dellorto, Vinícius Redd, Christiana Ubach, Giovana Echeverria, Rafael Sieg and Bruno Ferrari.

Dance Academy (complete, undated)

Young Tara Webster is a dreamy dancer who will improve her techniques at the National Dance Academy. In addition to constant challenges, she learns to cultivate strong friendships.



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