From AIDS to racism: 5 times that Globo needed to correct nonsense in the BBB


On the last 6th, Tiago Leifert broke the BBB21 protocols to speak directly with Rodolffo Matthaus about a comment he had made about João Luiz Pedrosa’s hair. The presenter excused himself and gave a class to explain to the sertanejo why the speech was wrong.

This, however, was not the first time that Globo needed to intervene to make it clear to the public that some speech or action by the participants was not correct – in fact, they were serious errors, some even harmful to health. It was left to the presenters, Leifert and Pedro Bial, to apply the “corrective” in the confines.

Check below five times when the station corrected nonsense said and done in Big Brother Brazil:

BBB10 – Straight men don’t get AIDS

In 2010, Marcelo Dourado filled his mouth to say that he would not be able to get AIDS, as he is a straight man, and the disease was only transmitted by other men, not by women. The boxer was known for his sexist and homophobic speeches, but this was considered something that went beyond the limits.

“Hetero does not get AIDS, I say that because I talked to doctors. A man transmits it to another man, but a woman does not pass it on to the man,” said Dourado. On the same night that the speech was aired, on February 9, Bial just said that Globo was not responsible for the “potatoes” that the participants were talking about.

At the time, it was the Justice that determined that the broadcaster should retract within the program hours and explain how the transmission of the HIV virus worked.

BBB15 – Too many pills

Talita Carvalho ordered two pills the next day for the production of BBB15 in an interval of less than a month. The continuous use of contraceptives is not recommended by doctors, as it contains a very large amount of hormones.

The production then instructed Talita to use a condom when going to have sex with Rafael Licks and made an appointment with gynecologists to start using the birth control pill. In the same edition, Amanda Djehdian also used PDS – however, only once.

BBB20 – Poor hygiene in the pandemic

BBB20 confines had already been informed about the Covid-19 pandemic when Leifert needed to get Daniel Lenhardt’s attention. At the first warning, the presenter made it clear that those confined should reinforce hygiene habits, such as constantly washing their hands and not sharing utensils such as glasses, napkins and cutlery.

The model, however, continued to practice his disgust. Daniel did not wash his hands, poked his nose frequently and was caught wiping his mouth on one of the outside hammocks. Tiago ended up scolding Marcela Mc Gowan’s then boyfriend.

BBB21 – Minimized pandemic

After Sarah Andrade made some comments minimizing the victims of the pandemic and even declaring that some restrictions were “cool”, Tiago Leifert had to step on the scene. The message was not given directly to the marketing consultant, but the presenter made it very clear that the situation in Brazil was still critical.

BBB21 – Racism

The most recent incident that needed to be corrected at the BBB was the comparison that Rodolffo made between João’s hair and a caveman wig. The sertanejo tried to minimize the comment and talk about the wires themselves, which are not curly, proving that he had not understood the error.

Leifert stepped in again to explain that the Geography teacher’s hair is a symbol of struggle and resistance, and that making fun of black power has a much greater weight than making fun of just messy hair.

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