From Cid Moreira to Nego do Borel: Celebrities charge up to R$1,000 per video for fans


Cid Moreira, Nego do Borel, Felipe Prior and another extensive list of famous Brazilians are charging up to almost R$1,000 to send personalized messages of affection to fans. They were hired by an international platform and the talent bank brings together personalities who became known by the general public.

The former Globo journalist is the most prestigious name of the cast on the platform, and charges R$955 to send a loving message. The second most expensive in the table is the former player Edílson da Silva Ferreira, known as Edílson Capetinha, who asks for R$900 per video. The third most valuable name on the list is the Pagodeiro Rodriguinho, who charges R$600.

Felipe Prior is one of the most affordable “talents” on the platform. The ex-BBB charges modest R$ 105 for a video. Just don’t lose to singer Lana Rox, who asks for R$ 55.

In total, 65 Brazilians are available to send personalized materials to fans. Maíra Charken, former presenter of Vídeo Show who recently cried for lack of a job, asks for R$ 165, while Nego do Borel, who faced a severe financial crisis after breaking up with Duda Reis, charges R$ 210.

The platform is the brainchild of Venezuelan businessman Andrés Cohen, who promises to increase his list of talents with more expressive names. Neymar Jr. and Juliette Freire are among his targets.

North American, Latin and European artists also make up the platform’s catalogue. One of the most expressive names is that of Spanish actor Enrique Arce, who played Arturo Román in La Casa de Papel, which charges a fee of R$ 680 per video message.