From contact lens to mount: See five trivia from Nos Tempos do Imperador


Globo’s first completely new soap opera since March 2020, Nos Tempos do Imperador premieres at 6pm on August 9th. The sequel to Novo Mundo (2017) is by Alessandro Marson and Thereza Falcão. In a countdown to go on air, the serial had some behind-the-scenes curiosities revealed by the station.

The protagonist of the story, Selton Mello went through a struggle in characterizing the Emperor Dom Pedro II. The actor has brown eyes, but the conductor had blue ones.

Initially, the interpreter said that he would not use a lens to resemble the character, but changed his mind when doing historical research:

I wouldn’t be able to use a lens, I thought [que era] a foreign object in my eye. But when I was reading, everything was Dom Pedro 2°’s clear eyes. I used to say that I wouldn’t make it and people say: ‘okay, do it with your eyes’. But I was getting annoyed […] And my ophthalmologist gave me the strength to try. I did it and it was a great personal joy.

camilla maya/globe tv

Pilar and Samuel in In Times of the Emperor

Intensity of classes

Actors Gabriela Medvedovski and Michel Gomes went through a battery of classes to play the couple Pilar and Samuel.

The young woman will escape her father’s control in the first week of the plot. Eudoro (José Dumont) promised the girl’s hand to the villain Tonico (Alexandre Nero), but the girl rejects such a fate and wants to follow her dream of becoming a doctor.

The character will escape from home on a horse, and the actress had to prepare for the scene with riding lessons. Michel already learned a new language to interpret Samuel. The actor made an attempt to understand Arabic. In the novel, the boy will teach the language to the emperor.

From Leopoldina to Teresa Cristina

The character played by Leticia Colin in Novo Mundo has an aesthetic connection with the empress Teresa Cristina (Leticia Sabatella). The famous tiara of Dom Pedro 1°’s wife (Caio Castro) will appear in the unpublished soap opera.

The piece was recreated to be present in the sequence. Just as Domitila’s rival (Agatha Moreira) did, Princess Isabel’s mother (Giulia Gayoso) will parade the royal relic.

Opening of the soap opera

Milton Nascimento heads the theme song for the serial. The song Cais was chosen and has already illustrated the opening of another plot: Água Viva (1980). The composition is by the artist with Ronaldo Bastos. This time, the singer recorded a new version to be shown in Nos Tempos do Imperador.

known character

Germana (Vivianne Pasmanter), Licurgo (Guilherme Piva) and Quinzinho (Augusto Madeira) won’t be the only characters from Novo Mundo included in the new novel of the six. The Indian Jacira, played by Giullia Buscacio, will also be present in the period plot. This time, Valeria Alencar gives life to the brave warrior.