From Medina to Leticia Bufoni: See the surfing and skateboarding schedule at the Olympics


Sports that will be disputed for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, surfing and skateboarding are sports with several Brazilian athletes with chances of medals. On the waves, one of the main names is Gabriel Medina, while Letícia Bufoni is one of the highlights on the tracks in Tokyo. O TV news made an agenda of the categories.

Surfing will be divided into male and female individual, with 20 competitors of each gender. In the first round, the participants will be separated into five heats of four athletes, with the two best classified for the third phase. The two worst players in each group will compete in a recap.

The 16 competitors with the highest scores in the first two rounds go to a third phase, with four heats with four athletes each — the two leaders of each bracket advance to the quarter finals, which is a knockout with an athlete x athlete to know who the medalists will be.

The tests will take place between July 26 and 29 at Tsurigasaki beach, which is more than 60 kilometers from Tokyo.

In addition to Gabriel Medina, Brazil also has world champion Ítalo Ferreira in men’s. The two are among the favorites and can even do a double for medals in surfing. The female also has two representatives: Tatiana Weston-Webb and Silvana Lima.

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The group stages will be played on SporTV 3 or 4 and on BandSports, while Globo will broadcast flashes of the competitions on the waves during their programming.

See below the skate schedule, with the competitions in Brasília time:

  • 07/24 – 7:00 pm – Men’s Individual (First Round)
  • 07/24 – 10:20 pm – female individual (first round)
  • 25/07 – 1:40 am – male individual (second round, recap)
  • 25/07 – 3h – female individual (second round, recap)
  • 07/25 – 7:00 pm – Women’s Individual (Third Round, Round of 16)
  • 07/26 – 12:00 – Men’s Individual (Third Round, Round of 16)
  • 7/26 – 7pm – male individual (quarter finals)
  • 7/26 – 9:30 pm – female individual (quarter finals)
  • 27/07 – 12:20 am – female individual (semi-final)
  • 27/07 – 1h20 – individual masculino (semifinal)
  • 27/07 – 20h – individual feminino (bronze)
  • 27/07 – 20h45 – individual masculino (bronze)
  • 27/07 – 9:30 pm – female individual (final)
  • 27/07 – 22h15 – individual masculino (final)

Skateboarding times at the Olympic Games

Another new sport in the Olympic Games, skateboarding is divided into male and female street and male and female park. On the women’s street, Brazil has three athletes among the top five in the world: Pâmela Rosa, ranking leader, Rayssa Leal, known as Fadinha for being only 13 years old and having already been silver at the 2019 Worlds and bronze at the 2021 Worlds , and Letícia Bufoni, considered one of the best in history.

In the men’s park, the representatives are Luizinho and Pedro Quintas, who were on the podium at the World Cup in 2019, and Pedro Barros, an athlete who is also appointed as one of the greatest names in skateboarding of all times.

In the women’s park, the Brazilians are Yndiara Asp, Dora Varella and Isadora Pacheco, who are not favorites, but may surprise them by overtaking the Japanese. In men’s street, the name to be beaten is Nyjah Houston, from the United States. The athletes from Brazil, with the responsibility to win a medal, are Kelvin Hoeffler, Giovanni Vianna and Felipe Gustavo.

On TV, Globo will pass the final of the male and female street. SporTV 2 and BandSports will show the qualifiers — the park will only take place in the first week of August.

  • 7/24 – 9pm – male street (classifier)
  • 07/25 – 12:25 am – male street (final)
  • 07/25 – 9 pm – female street (classifier)
  • 7/26 – 12:25 am – female street (final)
  • 3/08 – 9:00 pm – women’s park (classifier)
  • 4/08 – 12:30 am – women’s park (end)
  • 4/08 – 9 pm – men’s park (classifying)
  • 5/08 – 12:30 am – men’s park (end)