From Mussum’s Life to Comedy Film: 5 National Productions on Prime Video


In the war between streaming, platforms compete for an increasingly demanding audience, and diversifying the catalog can be the difference between one platform and another. But not only canned series and hero movies live streaming. Enthusiasts of national dramaturgy can also mine relevant titles from Brazilian productions.

O TV news separated some highlights of national films and series available on Prime Video. From Immediate Shipment (2009) to Mussum – Um Filme do Cacildis (2019), the platform has productions in several styles for those who want to value what is from Brazil.

Check out five of them:

  • Sing Maria (2006): In the plot, set in the 1930s, the Brazilian Northeast is at war. In search of justice, the cangaceiros kill and steal. Led by Lampião (José Wilker), the group battles soldiers. While hiding, the protagonist meets Maria (Vanessa Giácomo).

  • Immediate Shipping (2009): In this comedy, Wagner (Jonathan Haagensen) dreams of leaving Brazil. While trying to flee the country clandestinely, the young man is stopped by Justina (Marília Pêra). The woman will need to overcome the big age difference and two other competitors to get the boy’s attention.

  • National Security (2010): After the Brazilian Air Force is authorized to pursue, shoot and shoot down aircraft that enter Brazilian airspace without permission, drug trafficker Hector Gasca (Joaquin Cosio) plans an impactful attack.

  • Mussum – A Film by Cacildis (2019): This documentary shows the trajectory of Antônio Carlos Bernardes Gomes, Mussum, from different angles. In addition to Os Trapalhões (1975-1995), the comedian and samba singer had responsibilities with his family and other projects.

  • Bento (2019): The national production shows the sertanejo universe of a small town in the interior of Brazil, through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy.