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From mystery to romance: 5 series to alienate the BBB21 during Carnival


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For those who are tired of watching BBB21 – even if the reality has been on the air for three weeks -, the TV News indicates five series to be sold out during the Carnival holiday, since the revelry in the streets is prohibited due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With mystery, romance and a little superhero, distracting the mind will be easy for all types of audiences.

With so many unpleasant fights to watch, especially after participants alleging psychological torture within Big Brother Brasil, and with the villain of the edition (according to the public) Karol Conká getting along, the program seems to have become a little tiring.

However, there are so many streaming services available that there is no excuse to focus only on the attraction of Globo. Netflix recently launched the documentary series about the disappearance and death of a student in the United States – whose case remains surrounded by mysteries to this day. And Prime Video’s catalog won the Soulmates series, a Black Mirror-style story.

To facilitate the desire to marathon, the following selection includes five series that have only one season, for now, as the High School Musical productions: The Series: The Musical and WandaWision, by Disney +; and As Five, exclusive to Globoplay.

Check out:

Cena do Crime (Netflix)

With only four episodes of less than an hour each, the documentary Scene of Crime – Mystery and Death at the Hotel Cecil investigates the macabre events that took place at the Los Angeles hotel where student Elisa Lam (1991-2013) was found dead and floating in the water tank of the place famous as “hotel of death” in 2013.

In addition to talking about the history of hosting serial killers and rapists, the Netflix production also spoke with Cecil officials and investigators on the unsolved case so far.

WandaVision (Disney +)

With six chapters already available, WandaVision is Marvel’s first production for Disney streaming, which is releasing one episode a week. The plot shows superheroine Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) living in the suburb with Vision (Paul Bettany). Here, the two Avengers are newlyweds and star in a kind of sitcom.

The plot takes place after the events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Ultimatum (2019), and with each chapter new twists and turns show that nothing in this reality is what it seems to be.

As Five (Globoplay)

Spin-off from Malhação, As Five tells the adult life of the protagonists of the season Viva a Diferença (2017). The story begins with the reunion of friends – five years after the end of high school – at the funeral of Tina’s mother (Ana Hikari), who has to face grief and a comfortable relationship.

In the ten episodes, the audience also sees Lica (Manoela Aliperti) trying to embrace responsibilities such as having a job and a stable relationship; Ellen (Heslaine Vieira) in the struggle to get her master’s degree, while questioning whether she wants to marry her gringo boyfriend; Benê (Daphne Bozaski) discovering his sexuality; and Keyla (Gabriela Medvedovski) in the saga for an artistic career and in raising the child she had as a teenager.

Soulmates (Prime Video)

From the creators of Black Mirror and Stranger Things, Soulmates made it to the Prime Video catalog on the 8th. The anthological series is set 15 years into the future, when science develops a test to discover the soul mate of each individual. The result impacts the lives of all human beings, who have their relationships affected.

In each of the six episodes of that first season, a love story is told with a different cast and characters. The series features TV, streaming and film stars such as Georgina Campbell (Black Mirror), Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things), Kingsley Ben-Adir (The OA) and Bill Skarsgård, Pennywise’s performer in the films It – A Thing (2017) and It – Chapter Two (2019).

High School Musical: A Série: O Musical (Disney+)

Set in the same school as the High School Musical trilogy (2006-2011), the series plays with the reality show style and follows a group of teenagers who need to stage a musical inspired by the films starring Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale.

Even more interesting than the series starring Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett are behind the scenes, as the protagonists ended up getting involved. The relationship created real-life conflicts after the actor reportedly left her for Sabrina Carpenter, star of the movie Imperfect Dancer. Singers, the three released songs with hints for others.

Bonus: Empire of Ostentation (Netflix)

The viewer who is tired of the BBB21 can also alienate himself with another reality. Inspired by the film Podres de Ricos (2018), Empire of Ostentation follows the real life of a group of young Asian millionaires who live in Los Angeles (USA). Netflix production has a lot of wealth, futile shacks and troubled relationships.



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From mystery to romance: 5 series to alienate the BBB21 during Carnival