Galvão Bueno is criticized on the web when narrating the opening of the Tokyo Olympics


Galvão Bueno was criticized on social media this Friday (23) when he narrated the official opening of the Tokyo Olympics on Globo. The veteran displeased viewers, who did not like the journalist’s interruptions and his simultaneous translation of events and the Japanese language.

From Rio de Janeiro, Galvão presented the opening in a special studio of the station to cover the event. The narrator gave a speech about the competition. “These games take place at an unprecedented time in 125 years of Olympic history. For the first time, an edition has been postponed, and maybe it wasn’t even the right time for them to happen,” Bueno acknowledged.

“The difference in disease scenarios around the world still generates fear and apprehension. There is a rejection by the Japanese for the games, as the number of Covid-19 cases has been increasing and vaccination has not advanced in the country. Even in the face of so much discussion and of adversity, in a few moments, the games will start with almost all the arenas in Tokyo empty,” he said.

“Athletes will not only compete, but countries will reconnect, again through them, and each one of us will recognize ourselves in the athletes,” added the announcer.

During the broadcast of the first hour of opening, the veteran did not please Globo viewers. “I started watching the opening of the Tokyo Olympics on Globo, but I have no structure for Galvão Bueno so soon. I went to SporTV”, wrote André Henriques on Twitter.

“The opening ceremony on SporTV is like a podcast and on Globo I can only send one: ‘shut up, Galvão'”, criticized Priscila Coellen. “It’s unbelievable that neither Globo nor SporTV has anyone to translate the Olympic Games. Seeing Galvão translate is awesome,” said Robert Nesio.

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