Genesis: Abram ‘does not fall’ for Terah and is expelled from the family for disobedience


Abrão (Vitor Novello) will be expelled from his own family instead in Genesis. Convinced to marry Sarai (Laryssa Ayres), the boy will not mind being disowned by Terá (Angelo Paes Leme) to fulfill his dream of making the relationship official with his half sister. Thus, Amat’s husband (Branca Messina) will choose Harã (Ricky Tavares) as his new firstborn.

The future “chosen by God” will make a difficult decision this Friday (19) in the biblical booklet. Without the status of the family built by the influential man from Ur do Chaldean, the boy will have to turn around in order to support his beloved.

He will start asking for jobs for street traders and will take a lot of “no” before joining an honest job: “Good morning, excuse me. My name is Abram and I am looking for a job. I wonder if you would have any, “the boy will ask a street vendor.

With Abram’s disobedience, Terá will start thinking about his “new favorite son” to run the family business after his death. Even with the insistence of Nadi (Camila Rodrigues) for her husband to give more challenging tasks to Naor (Daniel Blanco), the chosen one will be Harã.

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