Genesis: Abram finds out who set fire to his father’s house and panics


ABSTRACT: Massá (Marcos Winter) will invade Adália’s tent (Carla Marins) and tell that he killed Anziety (undisclosed actor) because he discovered his guilt in the fire at Terá’s house (Julio Braga). She will be tense to hide that the man caused the tragedy in Ur and will reveal the truth to Abrão (Zécarlos Machado), who will be terrified

Second, 4/26 (Chapter 70)
Lot’s caravan heads towards Sodom. Abrão’s caravan returns to Manre’s oaks. Abram is disappointed to see the altar he built. Lot enters the city of Sodom. Adália is terrified by Massá’s words. Eliézer makes a surprising request to Michal. Lucifer approaches Massá.

Tuesday, 4/27 (Chapter 71)
Massá is moved by Lucifer’s words. Ayla is startled by Lot’s opinion on Sodom. Abrão arrives to meet Gael, Adália’s son. Agar is shocked by the news about General Bakari. Adália makes a revelation about Massá. Abram is horrified by Massah’s words. Agar rages against Adalia. Lotam despairs before Massá.

Wednesday, 4/28 (Chapter 72)
Massá is astonished in front of Lotam and has his destiny traced by Tauro. Helda is saddened. Adália and Tauro understand each other. Ayla and Lot argue. Four years later, Sarai sings for Gael. Michal is sincere with Gate. Jaluzi remains confident in front of King Bera. Lot watches over Sodom’s army. Abrão makes official the union between Michal and Manre. King Chedorlaomer commands his army against Sodom. He reveals the identity of his general.

Thursday, 4/29 (Chapter 73)
Michal surrenders to Manre. Lucifer gains Abram’s trust. King Bera’s army battles against King Chedorlaomer’s men. Manre falls for Gyasi’s taunt. Chedorlaomer’s army takes advantage of the battle. King Bera needs to humble himself to stay alive. Sarai forces a rapprochement between Abram and Hagar. Jealous, Manre has an attack on Gate and Eliézer. Lot is terrified by the news given by Sitri.

Friday, 4/30 (Chapter 74)
Hagar is saddened to hear Abram’s words. Lot’s camp is invaded. Chedorlaomer enters Sodom. Chloe is startled by Jaluzi’s attitude. Massá captures Ayla. Alom receives good news from Mila. Chloe is deceived by Jaluzi. Azel and Maresca try to escape. Abram finds out about the attack on Lot’s camp and Helda despairs. Maresca is taken to King Chedorlaomer. Helda is surprised by Mila’s revelation. Abram decides to rescue Lot.

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