Genesis: Dnin-Sim suspicious of treachery in the palace and becomes the target of ambush


Dnin-Sim (Rafael Gevú) will become a target in Genesis. Prince of Ur, the heir to Ibbi-Sim (Felipe Roque) will be suspicious that Oguedi (Julio Levy) is involved in the death of Kissare (Norival Rizzo). At the behest of Morabi (Jairo Mattos), the merchant poisoned the former high priest and killed him in his sleep in Record’s biblical novel.

The love interest of Adália (Cássia Sanches) will be left behind in relation to the friend of Terá (Angelo Paes Leme) in the chapter of this Tuesday (16) in the booklet. Since Nadi’s uncle (Camila Rodrigues) was killed, Oguedi has been unable to hide his nervousness.

“Can I know who this urgent message was for?”, The prince will ask about the excuse given by the character of Julio Levy to escape the confrontation with the boy. The attitude of Ur’s heir will embarrass Oguedi. He will then decide to plan a strategy to get rid of Enlila’s son (Maria Joana).

At the same time, Jeribali (Thales Coutinho) will be indicted for Kissare’s death, and Ibbi-Sim will ask for “the head” of the servant. However, Dnin-Sim will not stop suspicious of Julio Levy’s character nonetheless.

The young man’s instinct will make sense because, when Oguedi brought the poison that killed Kissareo to the palace, he left a box with the substance in Thales Coutinho’s character’s room so that he could be caught in the act for the crime.

In fear, Oguedi will tell about his intentions in a conversation with Shakia (Jessica Alves). “We need to take action”, you will begin to speak. Interested in the future king, Sarai’s friend (Laryssa Ayres) will fear the worst: “And what are you implying? Which Dnin-Sim should die?”

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