Genesis: Driven Out by Abraham, Hagar Begs God’s Help to Save Ishmael


Agar (Hylka Maria) will beg for God’s help (Flávio Galvão) in Genesis. Expelled from the caravan by Abraão (Zécarlos Machado), the servant and Ishmael (Henrique Camargo) wander through the scorching desert. The pair were dispatched by the Hebrew after Sara (Adriana Garambone) discovered that the rebel planned to kill Isaac (Guilherme Dellorto).

The Egyptian will surrender to the monotheistic god in this Tuesday’s chapter (8). As seen in the biblical plot, the situation between Hagar and Sarah became untenable after the birth of Isaac. Soon after the child came into the world, the character of Henrique Camargo expressed his dissatisfaction with some friends from the caravan. He couldn’t stand to see his younger brother get all the attention.

The last straw for Adalia’s sister (Carla Marins) was when she discovered that Abraham’s first child was planning to kill Isaac. Hagar’s heir thought of throwing the little one into a well near the Hebrew camp.

Thus, the protagonist of the fifth phase of Genesis asked the rebel’s head for her husband and demanded that he leave the caravan along with Hagar. Terá’s son (Julio Braga) obeyed his partner and expelled the pair.

Hagar will cry in despair in the desert

divine rescue

In the desert, Bakari’s ex-girlfriend (Paulo Lessa) will despair when she sees the rebel boy dehydrated from the intense heat of the region. She will cry out in fear because she thinks she will lose her beloved child and will draw divine attention.

The angel Gabriel (Paulo Dagnoli) will descend from heaven and make a well of water appear. The supernatural being will warn that, like Isaac, Ishmael will father a great nation and guide them to a safe city.

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