Genesis: God punishes Pharaoh, takes Sarai out of harem and sends plague to ‘devour’ Egyptians


Amenemhat 3º (André Ramiro) will regret bitterly for having crossed the path of Abrão (Zécarlos Machado) in Genesis. Pharaoh will be punished for wanting Sarai (Adriana Garambone), locking her in his harem and even trying to rape her. God will send a plague that will devour the face of the king of Egypt in Record’s soap opera.

The Nile mandachuva was enchanted by Terá’s daughter (Julio Braga) when tempted by Lucifer (Igor Rickli), to the point of pulling her out of the family. He will still demand that the prophet give the blessing so that he can join his sister, but the chosen one of God will face the ruler in the leaflet of Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raphaela Castro.

The Egyptian will not listen to Abram’s warnings and will decide to join the character of Adriana Garambone in the scenes that will be shown starting next Tuesday (20). He will even offer a banquet for the caravan that crossed the desert, thus making Ayla (Elisa Pinheiro) happy – who will be dazzled by the luxury of the palace.

Sarai will still be forced to bathe with milk and oils, in addition to wearing the clothes of the local nobles, but she will not be able to hide the sadness on her face. Khen (Pérola Faria), however, will be puzzled by Pharaoh’s delay in arriving for the ceremony and will decide to go to her husband’s quarters in order to hurry him up.

She will be startled when she gets to the room, but the audience will see Amenemhat only from the back at first. “You don’t need to make that face. It’s just an itch because of that clothes that itch all the time,” says the almighty in front of the queen, still jaw-dropping.

Abram and Sarai in Genesis

Rubella outbreak

Viewers will understand Khen’s desperation as soon as Pharaoh arrives to greet the guests. People will be disgusted when they see the face of the almighty of the Sahara covered with sores, pustules and reddish spots, as if he had contracted rubella overnight.

Amenemhat will order the servants to serve the banquet, but no one will be able to touch the food in front of his deformed face. “I don’t know how Sarai is getting along,” said Adália (Carla Marins). “Is anyone going to warn him?”, Suggests Lot (Emilio Orciollo Netto).

Abram will decide to end the buzz once and for all. “Lord of all Egypt. I am sorry to inform you that your face is red, with some wounds. And it seems it itches a lot”, warns the Hebrew. “I want to see my face. Now,” will order the mandachuva.

Hagar (Hylka Maria) will approach with a mirror, and Amenemhat will cry out in terror when he finds himself covered with sores. He will believe that Sarai is a cursed woman and will return her to Abram, with the proviso that he and his caravan leave Egypt as soon as possible.

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