Genesis: Ismael devises diabolical plan for Sara to lose the baby and makes Agar disgusted


Agar (Hylka Maria) will raise his hand to Ismael (Henrique Camargo) for the first time in his life in Genesis. The Egyptian, however, will not come to the face of the son for having spread scorpions in the tent of Massá (Marcos Winter). She will lose all her strength when she hears him plot for Sara (Adriana Garambone) to lose the baby in Record’s biblical soap opera.

The young man will tell his mother that he is not behind the attack that will have left Adália (Carla Marins) on the verge of death in the booklet by Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raphaela Castro. The truth, however, will not take long to surface in the scenes that will be shown next Tuesday (31).

The children of the camp will accuse the character of Henrique Camargo of having introduced the arachnids to the couple’s tent, and Simei’s sister (Alexandre Slaviero) will place the handmaiden against the wall. She will demand that the foreigner fix the heir in exchange for not opening the beak to Abraão (Zécarlos Machado).

With blood in his eyes, Agar will wake the first-born screaming, but he will again swear on his feet together that it has nothing to do with the attack. She, however, will tire of the boy’s lies and give him a picture:

I asked if you had your finger on this story, and you denied it! Only they saw you catching a live scorpion from Michal’s tent [Jéssica Jettel] and soon after Massá and Adália’s tent was invaded by several of these venomous animals. Are you going to tell me it’s a coincidence?


Ismael (Henrique Camargo) in Genesis

Heavy bar

Ishmael will insist that he has a clear conscience, and Hagar will even raise his hand to slap the heir. “Knock, I want to see,” will ask the boy. “I never put a finger on you, but I am capable of anything to pull the truth out of your mouth. Confess once and for all that you put those scorpions on Adalia’s bed,” will demand the slave.

“Massá was supposed to die, but the bastard is so rotten that even the scorpion runs away from him. Adalia was not supposed to stay that way”, the boy will spout. “She could have died. Doesn’t she see the seriousness of what she did? The fault is mine. I was the one who fueled all this hatred. It just has to stop. And stop now “, the character of Hylka Maria will beg.

“You’re just mad because I was discovered, aren’t you? If that remained a secret, if Massá had died, you would feel vindicated, wouldn’t you? I know what I did wasn’t right, but I just wanted to see you happy. That cynic made you suffer “, will amend Ismael, who will be able to reach the weak spot of the foreigner.

“A leader cannot act in the shadows,” Agar will say, as he finally lowers his hand. “What leader? And this baby that is going to be born? My little brother is not going to steal everything that is mine? I mean, Isaque hasn’t even been born yet. And it may never be born “, will threaten the boy.

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