Genesis: Joseph is ridiculed for believing in God and cries with cowardice for Issad


The faith of José (Juliano Laham) will be cruelly disrespected by Issad (Ricardo Dantas) in Genesis. He will not be able to hold back tears as he has his hair and beard, symbols of his devotion to the God of Abraham (Zécarlos Machado), shaved against his will by the slave trader. “Don’t do this to me, please,” the protagonist of Record’s biblical novel will plead.

Israel’s favorite son (Petronio Gontijo) strictly follows his grandfather’s teachings, later compiled in the book of Leviticus, which is part of both the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah. The Hebrews avoided cutting their facial hair not only to show that they were free men, but also to exalt their fear of the Almighty.

One of the countless descendants of Ismael (Anselmo Vasconcellos), Issad will be cast out by humiliating José and ridiculing his beliefs in the scenes that will be shown from the next Monday (20).

The young man will be horrified as soon as the merchant shaves Abumani’s (Dudu de Oliveira) hair to sell him as a servant to the Egyptians, who kept their beardless face and hairless head for fear of lice infestations. “What are you doing?” the cuxita will ask.

The warrior will resist abuse and, as a result, will be whipped by Issad. “If you want to cut yourself to death, that’s your problem. But I think it’s best to keep quiet and let them do the work,” the Ishmaelite will bark. “No Egyptian is going to buy a slave with all that hair,” he will add.

Then a foreman will grab Juliano Laham’s character. “Don’t do this to me, no. Please don’t do this. I don’t have lice. No need to shave my hair. I’m Hebrew. My hair is part of who I am,” the boy will plead.

“Well, now he’s going to have to look like an Egyptian”, will growl the jerk, who will be amused to see the tears roll down José’s face in the serials by Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raphaela Castro.

Genesis is a free adaptation of the first book of the Bible. The serial is divided into seven phases, and, currently, Record exhibits the seventh: José do Império. In addition to spoilers, the TV news publishes the summary of the biblical novel.

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