Genesis: Lot gains ground in hell and watches the rain shower from the cabin


Lot (Emilio Orciollo Neto) will see the destruction of Sodom in Genesis. Abrão’s nephew (Zécarlos Machado) will win a house in the city of sins from King Bera (Charles Paraventi) and will settle there with his family. Without knowing it, the Hebrew will accept a cruel fate. The place will be attacked by a rain of fire sent by God in Record’s biblical novel.

Before receiving the valuable gift, Harã’s son (Ricky Tavares) will be terrified. He and his family will travel to the palace and will be surprised to see Queen Jaluzi (Beth Goulart). She will tell you that the companion has died.

“Rei Bera is dead? What a tragedy! My feelings!”, Exclaims Ayla (Elisa Pinheiro) in the scenes that will air this Wednesday (12). “The king had promised us a house here in Sodom,” said Lot. , will scream.

The antagonist will rise from her throne with the claws ready for “slaughter”, but, before the carnage begins, Bera will appear in the hall. “What’s going on here?” Will release the veteran. Confused, the citizen of Ur will be frightened and explain to the king that his wife has just “killed him”.

“Just kidding. I was just having a little fun. Sodom is so boring. The streets are empty … No party for us to relax”, justifies the character experienced by Beth Goulart.


Lot will be reassured by the bad taste and will again question Bera about the promised house. “House? What house?”, The king will reply. The Hebrew family will find the question strange and will be tense again.

“I also can’t resist a joke. If you saw your face”, will complete the character of Charles Paraventi, laughing for nothing. “It seems that everyone decided to have fun at our expense,” will reply Ayla, irritated.

“In Sodom, it is like this, pure joy”, will complete Jaluzi, contemplating the terror in the eyes of outsiders. Bera will notice that she has gone too far and will reassure everyone: “Of course I remember the house. I saved one especially for the nephew of the one who saved us”, concludes the almighty of the city of sin.

Without knowing it, Lot will win a beautiful box to see the tragedy of Sodom. In the next chapters of Genesis, the city will be destroyed by God. The creator will tire of all the sins committed in the place and will cause fireballs to fall from the sky towards the empire of Jaluzi and Bera.

Genesis is a free adaptation of the first book of the Bible. The booklet is divided into seven phases and, currently, Record shows the fifth – Journey of Abraham. In addition to the spoilers, the TV News publishes the summary of the biblical novel.

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