Genesis: Maalate has a tantrum and creates the courage for ‘wild sex’


Maalate (Lidi Lisboa) will have a “skinny attack” and will destroy part of his tent when he finds out that Basemate (Paula Jubé) managed to get pregnant with Esau (Cirillo Luna) in Genesis. The rival’s success will make the Egyptian break everything in front of her and then muster the courage to face a “wild fuck” with her furry husband. She will make the “sacrifice” to have his child in Record’s Bible novel.

In addition to being pressured by Ismael (Anselmo Vasconcellos), who demands that the heiress become pregnant as soon as possible, Maalate will see his situation worsen when one of the other wives of Jaco’s brother (Miguel Coelho) warns that he will have a great-grandson of Abraão (Zécarlos Machado) .

Angered by the news, she will go to her tent and throw furniture and utensils on the floor in scenes that will air in the next chapters of the plot by Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raphaela Castro. “They pay me. Why didn’t that Hittite die at the hands of that merchant? And this slut now wants to carry my man’s child? Vipers, snakes”, will scream the antagonist after being provoked by Judith (Juliana Lohmann) and Basemate.

At the height of her anger, she will not see Esau enter. “Redecorating the house? I liked it. I always preferred something messier anyway, but you can change your mood because I promised your father that I would spend that night with you”, will warn the hunter.

“And pretend again that something happens between us? We have to resolve this once and for all! Sacrifices are necessary when you have goals”, will observe the woman, who will approach the redhead. “Let’s make our child and make up for lost time,” Maalate will say seductively.

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Esau will close his eyes and almost surrender. “You at least smell good and…”, the boy will let go, but he will open his eyes and won’t be able to maintain the mood. “Impossible! Just remembering your bald head. Forget it! This is all a mistake!” the man will scream.

Refusal will make you even angrier. “Damn. Whoever gets smeared with those two, gets with anyone. He doesn’t want to sleep with me out of stubbornness”, he will complain. About to toss a pitcher of wine to the ground in another tantrum, Maalate will have an idea.

She will pour herself the drink and take it all at once. Then she will fill the wine glass again. “Today you’re going to be mine. I just need to get up the courage too,” the woman will say to herself.

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