Geraldo Luís says he lost movements of his right leg due to Covid-19 – Prime Time Zone


Presenter had sequelae and is undergoing physiotherapy after being hospitalized with the disease for 22 days

Reproduction / Instagram / geraldobalanca / 23.03.2021Geraldo Luís said that one of the sequels of Covid-19 was to lose the movement of his right leg

The host Geraldo Luís he was discharged after 22 days in hospital, but still dealt with the aftereffects of Covid-19. In the Instagram stories, the journalist posted a photo undergoing physical therapy and revealed: “I lost movements of my right leg. Now, just physio. This is Covid ”. After he was diagnosed with the disease, the presenter of “A Noite é Nossa”, from Record, had a picture of pneumonia that affected 70% of his lung and even stayed in the ICU. Upon leaving the hospital, the journalist thanked his medical team and his son’s support, John Damn. “I am a survivor of this disease that swallows the body, languishes the lungs, dries out thoughts. My positive mind was what kept me stable and lucid ”, wrote Geraldo Luís on social media. “THE Covid-19 he came in here, he left sequels, but he left. I am more of a miracle from heaven. That gave me another life time ”, added the presenter who also said that he feels“ a new Geraldo ”.