Gil do Vigor complains about the Bolsonaro government and promises to help Brazil


Gilberto Nogueira, Gil do Vigor, vented about the current situation in Brazil when talking about Independence Day, celebrated this September 7th. The former BBB21 participant criticized Jair Bolsonaro’s government and promised to help the country as soon as he returns from his PhD in the United States: “I’m going to kill myself with studying and, somehow, I’m going to help our country.”

Through the Stories tool on Instagram, the economist spoke with followers and said that he intends to find a way to make Brazilians’ lives better.

“Independence is having food, being able to live, having respect, living in a country where violence does not kill LGBTQIA+ all the time. It’s also having food, clothes and jobs. I pray for our country. He can. be chipped today, but I’m going to kill myself studying and, somehow, I’m going to help our country,” he said.

O ex-brother também pediu “Fora, Bolsonaro” em um post feito no Twitter e voltou a dizer que o Brasil é um país que ainda não consegue respeitar as diferenças:

Thinking about independence refers a lot to the term freedom. Unfortunately, freedom is something we don’t have in Brazil. May this 7th of September bring the will to be free and to be what we want, without judgment. There is nothing to celebrate knowing the current moment in the country.

Gil do Vigor left for the United States on August 28th. The forecast is that he will return to Brazil in six years. “It’s my dream, I’m leaving to rejoice. I chose [Universidade da Califórnia] Davis, ages four to six. I believe six, because the part I study is a fight that only God knows,” said the economist during his participation in the jury of the Dance of the Famous.