Gil do Vigor ‘look-alike’ in the US goes viral on social media and campaigns for Lula


Brazilian internet users discovered on Monday (17th) an American “double” by Gilberto Nogueira, Gil do Vigor, from BBB21. This is Richie Floyd, a professor and candidate for councilor in Florida. The profile went viral on social media, and he not only joined the joke but also started asking for votes for Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in a future presidential election.

“Okay, so the Brazilian Twitter decided that I look like a guy from Big Brother Brasil, and my mentions just exploded”, Floyd was scared, sharing a montage that made him and Gilberto.

The two are really alike, and the American was even wearing a pink shirt in his profile photo – a piece that became a trademark of Gil’s outfit.

The candidate for councilor from St. Petersburg, Florida, decided to join the wave of new “fans” and started campaigning for Lula. “Hello, new friends from Brazil! Make the working people of the Americas proud and elect Lula,” he asked, sharing a gif with images of the former president on his Twitter.

Floyd had fun when he started interacting with Brazilians. He changed his name to Richie do Vigor on the social network and even published a “tchaki tchá”, one of Gilberto’s most famous catchphrases on BBB21. Despite the banter, he made it clear that Lula’s request for a vote was serious.

“Seriously, vote for Lula. He is an inspiration,” said the candidate for councilor, who belongs to the Democratic Party of the United States. His campaign mentions proposals to improve the economy and social justice, areas of interest and knowledge of Gilberto.

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