Gilberto drinks too much, feels sick and ‘threatens’ BBB21 production: ‘It will be in bed’


After drinking too much and irritating his colleagues with “conspiracy theories” at BBB21, Gilberto Nogueira ended up feeling sick. The economist decided to ask for medicine in the confessional, but he revolted when he realized it was closed and fought with the production. “I’m going to be sick and it’s going to be in bed, see?”, He warned.

“Ah, fuck it,” grumbled the Pernambucan, entering the Cordel room during the night. “Do not want [abrir], no? I am going to sleep. If I throw up in bed, I throw up. I don’t care, “he said.” It will provide internal maintenance, “he added, implying that production would have to clean everything up afterwards.

“Bye. Good night. I’m upset,” said Gilberto, alone in the room, as he lay down and covered himself. “I have vomited in the booth twice already,” he reported. Before that, the economist had received help from Caio Afiune.

“Caio, everything is spinning”, complained the Northeasterner, crying. “In a little while, five minutes with my eyes closed and pass,” advised the farmer. “Oh, Caio, it’s still spinning,” grumbled Gilberto. “Relax, Bastiãozinho”, calmed the goiano, who helped the economist even after being irritated by the false wall theories he created.

Gilberto spent about an hour alone in the room, until Viih Tube went to check on him. Upon realizing that he had improved, the youtuber returned to the party. “Brazil, eat me!” He exclaimed, as soon as he was alone again.

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