Gilberto impresses by changing his look after eliminating Sarah from the ‘BBB 21’; check it out – Prime Time Zone


Pernambucano was destabilized by the departure of his friend and received the support of Juliette

Reproduction / Globo / 31.03.2021Gilberto believes he will be the next to leave after Sarah’s elimination

The elimination of Sarah it was a blow to Gilberto, best friend of the marketing consultant at “BBB 21”. After Tiago Leifert announced that Juliette and Rodolffo were the brothers who would remain in the game, the doctoral student in economics had a lack of control and was supported by João Luiz. After a while, Gil calmed down, but what caught the attention of the public connected in the pay-per-view and what is being commented on social networks is that the pernambucano got up during the night and took off his beard completely. With a new look, the question that a lot of people are asking is: is there a new version of Gil do Vigor around? The doctoral student believes that he will be the next to be eliminated from the program and, in conversation with Fiuk, said: “We left like two traitors, Sarah and me”.

With the departure of his game partner, Gil cried, screamed, blamed himself and needed to be calmed. Juliette went after him and said that even with the frictions that exist between the two, she will not turn her back on the Pernambucano. “This pain there, so many people have felt it and will feel it here. Do not increase it. She’s already big enough on her own. Feel, cry, suffer. But let her be the size she has to be. If you raise, you don’t hold, ”said Juliette.