Gilberto says Juliette seeks confusion at BBB21: ‘You have to stop talking’


In Big Brother Brasil 21, Gilberto Nogueira again complained about Juliette Freire’s stance and said that her sister is looking for confusion inside the house. This Tuesday (22), in conversation with Viih Tube and Thaís Braz, the economist evaluated the makeup artist’s behavior after her discussion with Fiuk: “You have to stop talking”.

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“Juliette has to be very careful, she is not settling down. She doesn’t want to stop talking about an easy target, herd effect, she has to stop talking about these things. Sarah Andrade.

Then, Gilberto reinforced that his ex-best friend needs to change his behavior: “Then, what will it look like? That no one can vote? Everyone can be voted on, there is no herd effect, there is no such thing. No one is an easy target, it’s what it’s for today. It’s what everyone is feeling, period. She already fought again yesterday. Juliette doesn’t hold the beam, it’s worse than me. She has to hold on ”.

“Either she becomes a leader or she goes to the wall, or she attends the Big Fone. Unfortunately, I will give the advice for the last time: ‘Juliette be careful, I talk a lot too, but be careful'”, added the brother.

During the conversation, the current leader questioned the attitude of the dentist in the Discord Game of yesterday (22), when she classified Rodolffo Matthaus as “lazy”. “I regretted it, but I think it doesn’t interfere. I really hesitated, I confess, I assume!”, Said the sister.

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