Gilberto’s mother, from ‘BBB 21’, wants her son away from Lumena and Karol Conká: ‘Willingness to get on TV’ – Prime Time Zone


Jacira Santana also talked about her son’s fight with Arthur, from Projota arming against the doctoral student and about the partnership with Sarah and Juliette

Reproduction / Instagram / jacira.santannaJacira Santana, Gilberto’s mother, wants to see her son in the final with Sarah and Juliette

Just seeing something that you think is wrong happening inside the house that Gilberto clap your hands and show what came in “BBB 21”. Authentic, fun and explosive, the participant is one of the protagonists of the edition, a fact that leaves his mother, Jacira Santana, proud and also concerned. “My heart is happy to know that he is one of the favorites, but that is uncomfortable inside, of course, because the people know that he is strong”, commented the mother of “Gil do vigor” in an interview to Young pan. After falling out with Arthur last Saturday, 20, the doctoral student in economics lost control, shouted around the house and asked to go to the wall and be eliminated. Who encouraged Gil to go and talk to the crossfitter was Karol Conká and, seeing her son losing control out here, Jarcira criticized the rapper: “That Karol is always behind everything bad at the house.”

After Gilberto returned from a wall, Karol wanted to get close to his brother and Lumena tried to convince Sarah’s partner that the alliance with the rapper would be stronger. Jacira hopes her son doesn’t fall for the sisters’ conversation. “He had a very heavy conscience, sad, because of that talk of putting two black women on the wall. He thinks Lumena is his friend because he is from the Northeast and a lesbian, but with Karol he is already smart, he is not smart it is with this Lumena, this woman is sad, she has to leave ”, said the participant’s mother. It is worth remembering that Lumena was the one who confronted Gil saying that he wanted to throw two black women on the wall.

Whoever doesn’t like Jacira is Projota, who at Karol’s themed party talked to Caio about letting Gilberto burn in the house to go to the wall and be eliminated. “Projota he forgets that the people are seeing the plot between them, so it’s okay for him to speak. Karol already commented inside that Lumena managed to get into his mind [Gilberto], so everything they say we see here and, in a way, my son is a little innocent in that sense, so he is delivering the game to Lumens. Caio is also a fake. I only ask God so that he can see who these people are because my son is good, he has a wonderful heart. ” Inside the house many participants believe that the explosive way of the doctoral student will burn him with the public, but his mother believes that this will not happen, because he is just being himself.

Connected to the pay-per-view, Jacira confessed to suffering when she saw the other players talking badly about her son from behind, especially when it comes to Lumena. “When she says something to Karol, it makes me want to go on television and tell him. I am very sad, it is very difficult for us here, including I was very bad last week, sometimes I don’t even look very much because I am really bad, it’s not easy for a mother. ” For Jacira, the final dream would be between her son, Sarah and Juliette. “Sarah is my passion, she is my love, she is a true friend, she shows that she likes him very much”, finished.