Glamor Garcia says she would ‘be dead’ if it weren’t for participation in Globo’s soap opera – Prime Time Zone


Actress lived in an abusive relationship during the recording of ‘A Dona do Pedaço’

Reproduction / Instagram / glamourgarciaGlamor Garcia was successful in ‘A Dona do Pedaço’ in the role of Britney

The actress Glamor Garcia, one of the biggest highlights of the soap opera “The owner of the piece”(2019), which was shown during prime time at Globo, said that her character, Britney, was what helped her to overcome the pain caused by an abusive relationship. “I experienced the height of my most tragic moments during ‘A Dona do Pedaço’. It was a very painful process, very difficult, but I feel evolved ”, commented the artist in an interview with YouTube channel Pheeno. “Britney it was my realization, if I didn’t have that realization I would be dead sometime, because if I were to experience only the tragedy I was experiencing at that moment I don’t know if I would have psychological [para isso].”

Glamor said that in order to get the role, she had to audition and the other actresses who participated in the selection were also transsexuals. “THE Globe I was interested in being more representative than just doing a performance, not least because Globo has also been the scene of a lot of folklore. Not only Globo, but all broadcasters have already done a historic disservice ”, commented the actress who made it clear that she does not know if a cisgender actress was quoted to live with Britney. Backstage, Glamor said she was very well received and assured that she did not suffer from transphobia, but felt that she was overwhelmed by many who thought she would not be a great actress. Aware of the repercussion that a character from a Globo prime-time soap opera has in Brazil, the artist said she is happy to know that Britney has generated a lot of discussion and acceptance.