Globo actor runs away from Bolsonaro’s lawyer: ‘I had it taken in the c…’


Actor Armando Babaioff, on air as Thales in the rerun of Ti Ti Ti (2010), said he met Frederick Wassef, lawyer for President Jair Bolsonaro, this Tuesday (7). He said he had to run away from the professional after calling him names. “I had it up my ass,” admitted the artist.

“I’m in São Paulo working, I was going to lunch and I just met Wassef having a coffee. I couldn’t resist. I called him a bandit and had him taken up his ass. Haha, he came running after me,” he wrote on Twitter.

Asked by followers if he was okay, Babaioff said he was. “I’m sure! But the record remains”, published the actor, who is a constant critic of the president.

Before reporting his meeting with the lawyer, Diogo de Bom Sucesso’s interpreter (2019) pointed out that the September 7 demonstrations in favor of Jair Bolsonaro were a failure.

He stated, however, that they would have opened the possibility of the governor’s impeachment process. “You can now throw all 130 impeachment requests in the air and draw one for entry,” posted the artist.

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