Globo calls YouTube to deactivate its campaigns on Sikêra Jr.’s show.


Aware of the homophobic statements made by Sikêra Jr. in her program on RedeTV!, Globo used YouTube this Monday (12) to remove all videos of Globoplay’s advertising campaigns from the presenter’s and Alerta Nacional’s channels.

Globo’s streaming service profile was notified by the Sleeping Giants group that its videos were entering as advertisements on RedeTV’s official employee pages! on YouTube and quickly activated the social network to block the placements.

“I don’t condone any hate speech and I’ve already blocked the placement of my ads on this channel,” said Globoplay on Twitter.

As a result, Globo became the 47th company to withdraw its advertising funds from the channels on which Sikêra Jr. performs, whether on RedeTV!, on TV A Crítica or on the internet.

Only this Monday, three companies joined the presenter’s demonetization campaign, which started on June 28, the date on which the LGBTQ+ Pride Day is celebrated, three days after he cursed homosexuals, live on his program, from “disgraced race”.

In addition to Globoplay having withdrawn its campaigns on YouTube, the companies Chikas Cosméticos and São Paulo da Sorte ended the placement of ads on the National Alert, breaking the agreements with RedeTV!.

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