Globo denies that Reginaldo Faria refused to take a vaccine against Covid-19 and was removed from a soap opera – Prime Time Zone


Marcelo Faria, son of the veteran actor, posted a video of his father going to take the second dose of the vaccine

Reproduction / Instagram / cellophane / 23.03.2021Reginaldo Faria has already taken two doses of the vaccine against Covid-19

A Globe denied that the actor Reginaldo Faria was taken from the cast of “Um Lugar ao Sol”, the next soap opera to occupy prime time on Globo, for having refused to take the vaccine against Covid-19. The news was published in the column The Best of TV, do site Metropolises. Sought by Young pan, Globo said in a note: “The news is lying and irresponsible. The actor Reginaldo Faria has already taken two doses of the vaccine, in Rio de Janeiro ”. Regarding the soap opera, the broadcaster explained that the veteran actor was removed to preserve his health. “About ‘A Place in the Sun‘Reginaldo, who is 83 years old, as well as other actors in the risk group, was spared the recordings and removed from the cast, by mutual agreement, to preserve his health. Reginaldo must participate in the plot at the end of the recordings ”. It is worth mentioning that Globo has been campaigning in the intervals of its programming with its main stars to encourage the population to get the vaccine.

The actor Marcelo Faria, Reginaldo’s son, posted on social media a video of his father being vaccinated and regretted what happened. “My father took the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine almost two weeks ago. Today, we in the family are faced with a slanderous news about this indisputable man in all aspects. I’m outraged! Vaccine yes, no denialists ”, he wrote in the caption of the publication.