Globo hits the hammer and sets the premiere of Secret Truths 2; know when


Globo hit the hammer and defined the premiere of Verdades Secretas 2, which will arrive in October directly on Globoplay’s catalog – the broadcaster’s streaming service. The sequence will show Angel (Camila Queiroz) Guilherme’s (Gabriel Leone) widow, who will die in a mysterious car accident, and Giovanna (Agatha Moreira) thirsting for revenge on her former half-sister.

Without revealing which day the plot will be available on the platform, Globo reported on Thursday (30) that the first part of Secret Truths 2 will have 20 episodes on the air right away. In all, the sequel will have 50 chapters.

Afterwards, Giovanna will return from Paris willing to do anything to prove that Angel killed her father, Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi), in addition to accusing the pink book model of having also killed Gui. Pia’s daughter (Guilhermina Guinle) will hire detective Cristiano (Romulo Estrela) to catch the protagonist in the jump, but the investigator will end up getting involved with the professional call girl.

In the teaser released on September 23, Angel is seen running away with a child in the middle of nowhere, as a car explodes right behind them. In addition, she also appears being undressed by the character Cristiano and in a clash with Giovanna.

“I didn’t kill your father!” Arlete will scream. “I’ll take everything you’ve got! You’ll have to wash the windshield around the corner to buy a lunchbox! I’ll prove you killed!”, promises the heiress, who will meet the detective. “I want you to prove that my father was murdered. Find the corpse that was never found and make Angel pay,” will order the spoiled woman.

In the new phase, the main character will be bankrupt, widowed and with a child to support, which will lead her to return to practicing the pink book.

The new images also feature other new characters, played by Gabriel Braga Nunes and Julio Machado. Secret Truths 2 will have another aspiring model who will fall into the world of prostitution, and get involved with drugs and fashion shows.

Check out the new Secret Truths 2 teaser: