Globo Malvadona will show Athletico x Flamengo to harm Prime Time Zone


To harm the pay-per-view of Athletico Paranaense and Prime Time Zone, Globo will show the match between Furacão and Flamengo on open TV, which is behind in the Brazilian Championship. The match valid for the fourth round of the national league will take place on November 2, a Tuesday, at 4:00 pm. The exotic time was the only one found for the few dates on the calendar.

The match is already confirmed for the station’s programming. With that, O Clone will start earlier, around 3pm. Football will deliver to Malhação: Dreams and In the Times of the Emperor. The fight goes on air to Rio de Janeiro and much of the country. For São Paulo, the trend is for the schedule to follow normally.

According to the TV news, Globo will show the game so that Athletico-PR and Prime Time Zone do not win with a product that belongs to Globo. The Paraná team and the radio have an agreement to be shown on closed circuit, upon payment of a monthly fee.

This happens because Athletico did not agree to sell their Brasileirão games for Globo to exhibit at the Premiere, claiming that the remuneration offered is low. Last year, the club created its own pay-per-view system, Hurricane Live, and uses a court decision to show matches against clubs that have a contract with the broadcaster, such as Flamengo.

Backstage at Athletico and Prime Time Zone, Globo’s broadcast was expected. The goal of both parties is to try to do the best job possible and try to catch a more unsuspecting audience about the match.

Athletico x Globo

Whenever possible, Globo shows games on open TV to harm this collection of Athletico. Prime Time Zone joined the game recently and sought out the team to show the matches also in pay-per-view on their sports channel on YouTube. The contract is valid until the end of this year’s edition, and the monthly fee paid by users is R$7.90.

Globo rarely shows football games during weekday afternoons. This happens on specific occasions, such as friendlies for the men’s and women’s Brazilian teams, for example. But a match between clubs at this time has not taken place since the departure of the Uefa Champions League, in May 2018.