Globo puts extras in the auditorium without testing for Covid-19 and generates indignation


Every Friday, at Globo’s headquarters in São Paulo, a group of extras gather in an auditorium to clap and sing during the recording of Super Dança dos Famosos. However, some cheerleaders are outraged. In the last two weeks alone, eight people have given up work on the right time out of fear. The problem is that the group, with more than 30 people, is not tested for Covid-19.

When they complain, they say they are ignored by the production. Sources heard by TV news claim that the risk of contamination does not intimidate those who organize the work behind the scenes. Another complaint reported by the extras is the reduction in the fee since the departure of Fausto Silva.

The cheerleader employee received R$ 160 for the work, which began at 3:30 pm and ended around 8:30 pm at the time of Domingão do Faustão. With the suspension of the program, the value decreased to R$100, but the number of working hours increased.

Fans’ Super Dance Cheer Room (Playback/Personal Archive)

The professional has to arrive at Globo at 2 pm now. “If you take a risk for R$100, you can’t,” says one of the extras.

“they take [para detectar o Sars-Cov-2] not Tiago [Leifert], in the director and in the guests and that’s it. The team does not do it, nor the people who are cheerleading. In the cheerleading squad, we stay in a room, sitting on a chair, singing and clapping, with a microphone recording the audio so they can put their hands on the program. And the artist who is singing listens to the applause as if it were an audience that was close to him, enjoying the presentation”, explains one of the collaborators heard.

When questioned, Globo sent a note with clarifications:

All people who need to take off their masks to record and those who have contact with those who record without a mask are subjected to testing. The other employees who travel through Estúdios Globo follow Globo’s safety protocols, which are in accordance with the guidelines of the health agencies and include the use of masks, restricted circulation and social distance as ways of preventing Covid-19. The payment of cheering party is the responsibility of the contracted agencies.

Another source heard by TV news he says that he was removed from the recording because he questioned the lack of the test for Covid-19, since he appeared in soap operas recorded during the pandemic and was submitted to the exam.

The answer given by the producer, according to the participant of the cheering group, was that the test is not necessary and that alcohol gel and mask were enough.

“They give us black clothes to put on, which doesn’t do any good, and they tell you to sit in the chair. There are many people who live far away, who take trains, buses, go through many places to get to Globo”, declares the collaborator.

“But when I asked, they said that there are a lot of people wanting to work and that, in this difficult time, they [a Globo] They need help. But I wasn’t the only one to leave, and more people have refused to stay there locked in a closed environment without auditioning,” adds the extra.

The figuration that integrates the crowd goes to the broadcaster. This work is different from the people whose faces appear on screens on the stage of the attraction. This virtual audience has no sound, so extras accredited by an agency are invited to soundly “enjoy” the Sunday program led by Tiago Leifert.

Check out a video made on the sly by one of the clapperboard extras of the Super Dance of the Famous: