Globo reporter is startled live by explosion in Araçatuba; watch – Young Pan


Thaís Gomes was at Praça Rui Barbosa, where one of the benches that was targeted by the robbers is located.

Reproduction/Globe/31.08.2021Reporter Thaís Gomes was speaking live from Araçatuba when he heard the explosion

the reporter Thais Gomes got a scare in the “good morning SP” this Tuesday, 31, during a live participation of Aracatuba. The journalist updated the situation in the city, which experienced moments of terror due to a robbery of bank branches that took place last Monday, 30, when it was surprised by the noise of an explosion. Thais began his participation saying that he was at Praça Rui Barbosa, in the center of the city, and that the place was empty and with some roadblocks. “To locate it even better, we are next to Banco do Brasil, where everything happened. About 100 meters away we have the Caixa Econômica, so it’s even scary and complicated to be close and to know that everything yesterday…”, spoke the reporter when there was a possible explosion.

Thais stopped what he was saying and alerted the presenter Rodrigo Bocardi about what had just happened. “Rodrigo, we don’t know what that was. This noise came from a building on the side right now,” said the reporter, breathless. “That it! As we were showing images from yesterday at the time you were speaking, it seemed like it could have been an explosion from yesterday”, said the anchor of “Bom Dia SP”. “It scared everyone, we don’t know what to walk on [do prédio] he came. It didn’t hit us, thankfully, we really took a big fright. I will try to recover to bring the information”, declared Thais. “We’ll be back in a little while, calm down,” said the presenter. The newspaper continued and, after a while, the reporter spoke again live from another point in Araçatuba. Calmer, she explained that she still didn’t have the details of what had happened.