Globo reporter makes a pilgrimage after losing 6 family members from Covid-19 – Prime Time Zone


Maurício Ferraz spoke of the challenges of facing a 421 km walk towards Aparecida do Norte

Reproduction/Instagram/mauricio_ferraz_rep/12.07.2021Maurício Ferraz is making a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Aparecida do Norte

The investigative reporter from Globe Maurice Ferraz is taking advantage of his vacation to make a pilgrimage of 421 km towards the Sanctuary of Aparecida do Norte, in the interior of São Paulo. Known as Caminho da Fé, the route begins in the municipality of Tambaú and, per day, the journalist walks about 30 km with two friends. In an interview with “Mais Você” this Monday, 12, Maurício explained why he decided to face this long walk to the largest basilica in Brazil. “We are going through difficult times, I lost six family members to the Covid-19. I felt I needed to reflect, disconnect. We’ve already covered 210 km, we’ve been on the road for 10 days. We’re going to arrive in Aparecida on the 20th”, he explained.

To complete the journey, the reporter is following a strict routine. He and his friends wake up at 5:00 am, eat breakfast and start the walk, which usually lasts until 3:30 pm. The group avoids having lunch so as not to feel easy and only carries a backpack with basic items such as water, some clothes and hygiene products. Around 7pm, they stop to sleep and replenish energy. O news reporter already lost four kilos in these first 10 days of pilgrimage. “It’s about eight hours of walking a day and the feet feel it. There are a lot of bubbles. We even carry needles to pierce them at night. The nails fall off. But everything is valid. The path is magical and here we are all the same, all pilgrims”, said the journalist.