Globo reporter surprised by shooting in Rio de Janeiro: ‘I was sick’ – Prime Time Zone


The ‘Encontro’ team recorded a story about the ‘BBB 21’ when the exchange of fire started

Reproduction / Globo / 16.03.2021Mona Lisa Duperron abandoned the interview and hurried off to hear the shooting

The “Meeting”, Program of Globe commanded by Fátima Bernardes, was surprised last Monday, 15, with a shooting while recording a report on the Rio de Janeiro. The reporter Mona Lisa Duperron used social media to tell details of what happened. “We just came out of a shooting, run away, actually. I was working, recording a story in front of the [shopping] Via Parque, west of Rio de Janeiro, and suddenly we heard many shots, about 10 shots. Everyone was in a panic, ran out, we threw ourselves on the floor behind a car, a lot of people [que estava no local] I was sick, I was also sick ”, said the journalist who also commented that even though she knew that this type of situation is common in Rio de Janeiro, she was afraid.

The shooting started when Mona Lisa was doing an interview and in the video made by the reporting team, it is possible to see everyone running, including the reporter. The “Meeting” of this Tuesday, 16, spoke about the subject and Fátima Bernardes explained that the journalist was recording a report on the “BBB 21”When bandits, who had just robbed a jewelry store inside the mall, exchanged shots with the police on the run. One of the assailants was shot in the arm and is under arrest. Mona Lisa shared on Instagram stories that along with the assailant, a pistol, two grenades, ammunition and a cell phone were seized. Another seven bandits who participated in the assault managed to escape. No one on the “Encounter” team was injured.