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The first edition of Em Pauta 2021 was marked by a live climate between commentators Demétrio Magnoli and Gerson Camarotti. The GloboNews attraction debated the crowds on the beaches during New Year’s Eve, and the two journalists made it clear that they have very opposite positions. Presenter Cecilia Flesch had to intervene for the program to move forward.

Magnoli argued that thousands of people decided to go to the beaches after spending the entire year without respecting the recommended social isolation because they needed to work, and should not be judged for that.

“Would you say that he [que foi para a praia] is it execrable, after spending a whole year flocking to trains to work in essential sectors, because now he flocked to Praia Grande? “, teased the journalist, directing his question to Camarotti.

“Demetrius, you are putting that word ‘execrable’. You have to answer that question! You have the recommendation of science, and science has to be for everyone,” began the commentator, who was interrupted by his colleague and raised the question. voice. “Of course it has to be for everyone, Demétrio! Put the word in your mouth and answer the way you think best”, continued Camarotti.

“I answer,” asked Magnoli, who was ignored. “Now science has to be followed, there is no exception, the social situation in the country is incomprehensible. One thing is work and survival, another thing is festivity. You have to have common sense, Demétrio!”, Said Gerson.

After trying to cut Camarotti’s speech a few times, Cecilia was more incisive. “It is certainly necessary to have common sense, and yet …”, she said, interrupted by Magnoli. “It is necessary, but there is not only one science called Epidemiology, there is another science called Sociology and another called Anthropology”, pinned the journalist.

“But Demétrio, unfortunately we are not the ones who are going to solve this dilemma here, are we? There is a lot of complaint …”, pointed out the presenter, who was once again cut – now by Camarotti. “Contamination has to be Epidemiology, yes,” he intervened. “Just let me go here?”, Pleaded the journalist, cutting off the discussion.

Watch the weather video live:

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