Globoplay turbines the catalog with the end of Telecine streaming; understand the change


Popular among movie fans, Telecine streaming will be closed by the end of 2021. On Wednesday (6), the platform informed that its content will be made available within Globoplay, in a similar way to what happens with the Premiere football matches. With this decision, Globo’s main streaming catalog will be boosted in the coming months.

“The movie fan gets a new Telecine space, but now with access to a number of other possibilities. A big novelty will be access to our six live channels, which will continue to be offered by Globoplay”, said Eldes Mattiuzzo, CEO Telecine, in a press release.

According to Telecine, subscribers will have access to all on-demand content that is on the platform that will be closed and also to the linear pay-TV channels within Globoplay. However, a specific subscription will be required for this part of the films.

If the client does not want to subscribe to Globoplay, he will use the platform with the Telecine subscription and will only have access to the channels’ film content. This personalized area will be available within Globo’s main streaming website and applications.

“Telecine knows the movie fan like no one else, 25 years of television have made us a reference hub in cinema through the curatorship of a team we dubbed the team of moviegoers, specialists trained at home who will continue to be dedicated to our programming, watching for the business and content distribution in a unified way,” added Mattiuzzo.