Gloria Groove forecasts on Show of the Famous: ‘I’m sure I’ll be in the final’


Escalated for the new season of the Show of the Famous, Gloria Groove intends to leave her comfort zone when it comes to reality imitations. This Thursday (2), the singer opened the game about expectations for the dispute led by Luciano Huck and made a prediction about how her path will be: “I’m sure I’ll be in the final”.

“The expectation is very high, not only to show everything I’m preparing, but also to find out what the other participants are going to do. My biggest challenges are related to the artists’ bodies, the arrival of the new artists’ bodies. I get closer to voice and phonetics, but the body I use to make Gloria is very specific, a very diva school,” explained the artist to Gshow.

The drag queen is played by Daniel Garcia, an actor with over 16 years of experience working as a voice actor and in musical theater. Therefore, the singer intends to rely on her interpreter’s baggage to go far in the competition, in which she will face Margareth Menezes and Fiuk in the first phase.

“What I’m going to take with me is the experience on stage as Gloria, backing vocals, actor. It will help me when processing information, when presenting an artist. What I’ll bring to my professional life is this preparation, the performance level to be ready and have only one chance to perform perfect from start to finish, it’s a school,” he pointed out.

Excited about the opportunity to compete in Globo’s imitation reality show, Gloria warned: “I’m sure I’ll be in the final! I entered the frame to win, you can be sure. watershed in the career of the artist who is going through this experience because it allows Brazil to see its potential from all sides, so that you can challenge yourself. My artistic life will never be the same again.”

“I’ve already thought about my honorees, I’m going to surprise them and I’m going to go out of my comfort zone to challenge myself. I started talking to my fans about the Show of the Famous, and they got very few of my choices right. I believe I can shock even those who think that knows me a lot,” he added.

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