Gossip, voting and throwaway power: Check out what happened at Power Couple Brasil


This Wednesday’s (14) edition of Power Couple Brasil 5 featured a scene in which Matheus Yurley appears calling his opponents “snakes”. The influencer commented to Leandro Gléria about a conversation involving Bruno Salomão and Deborah Albuquerque. In the live program, Adriane Galisteu started another DR training. While Georgia Frölich and Thiago Bertoldo chose a practically disposable power to use during the vote.

Despite the calm atmosphere among the participants in the final stretch of the reality show, Matheus does not hide his rivalry with Deborah and Bruno. Before the live voting, the influencer recalled a conversation he had witnessed in the dressing room, in which the “phoenix couple” commented on Georgia and Thiago’s behavior.

“If they only knew that [o casal] talked a lot in the dressing room. Let the snakes kill themselves, I won’t say anything!”, Yurley said in a conversation with Leandro. “The guys change their behavior a lot according to the game”, replied Renata Dominguez’s husband.

During the conversation, Deborah commented that the countryman and the journalist usually make an average of the whole house. “Their falsehood of speaking ill in the dressing room and then standing there rubbing his head. That’s why I said ‘let the snakes kill themselves'”, completed Matheus in the deposition booth.

In another part of the program, the audience was able to see Georgia and Thiago’s third victory in the Prova dos Casais. The two participated in a dynamic that consisted of mounting photos on a mural and completed the activity in the shortest time.

Li Martins and JP Mantovani were in last place in the dispute and won the first place in the DR. Renata and Leandro also ended up in the risk zone for having the worst balance of the cycle.

Voting and Disposable Power

With only five couples in the game, the formation of the DR was nothing new. Despite having the power of Casal Power, Georgia and Thiago could not change anything in the game. They just chose to take a vote from the “phoenix couple”. Mari and Matheus, the most voted, occupied the third place in the hot seat of the week. The influencers face Li and JP and Renata and Leandro.


Before the program ends, Adriane Galisteu also revealed to the public that the couples will still face some D.Rs. to make it to the grand final. The presenter also reinforced that those eliminated from the season will return to headquarters for a special activity.

“In these last days, surprise DR won’t be missing. It’s already warm your finger there because you’re going to vote again and again for your darlings. All couples will have to face DR if they want to reach the grand finale of next week. There will be no escape! It’s ending. Even the eliminated ones will come back,” said Galisteu.

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