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Haja Coração: Jessica calls to be beaten by Shirlei and is beaten by Carmela


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Jessica (Karen Junqueira) will attract Shirlei (Sabrina Petraglia) to put her behind bars for theft and assault in Haja Coração. The repressed will appeal with a series of provocations and even ask to be beaten, but the rival will not hit her. She will then have Carmela (Chandelly Braz) give her a beating to incriminate the former employee in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

Cunning, Felipe’s ex-fiancee (Marcos Pitombo) will send the aspiring model to beat her with a statue. As a reward, Carmela will receive a store bath. The scenes are scheduled to air next Friday (19).

Before that, the audience will see Jéssica hand over to Chandelly Braz’s character some of her jewelry for the first part of the plan: plant the pieces in Shirlei’s bag. That done, the blonde will find a way to attract the ex-cleaning lady to her home, with the excuse that Cris (Isadora Cruz), Felipe’s sister, is in need of help.

Without imagining that he will be the victim of a trap, Shirlei will go to his rival’s house. At this point, Carmela will show signs of regret, but will continue with the plan against her sister. “Jessica, I was thinking … Do you need all this, this violence?”, Will question Francesca’s evil daughter (Marisa Orth). “Oh, no! Now I can’t give up anymore”, will shoot the patricinha.

Shirlei will be shocked when she arrives at the apartment and comes face to face with Jessica. She will realize that she was the victim of a set-up, but the villain will arrange for her to leave her fingerprints on a statue, which will be used as proof of aggression.

After the shopkeeper leaves, the blonde will send Carmela to use the piece to beat her and incriminate her sister. Back at Tancinha’s (Mariana Ximenes) canteen, Shirlei won’t have time to explain to Francesca that she was attracted to Jessica’s apartment.

The police will already be at the door waiting for her to arrest her. “We received a complaint. You are being accused of theft and personal injury,” said the policeman. Shirlei will try to explain why she went to Jessica’s house, but she will be searched, and the patricinha’s jewelry will be found in her purse.

Jessica will have shoulder after Carmela’s beating

Chapter summaries

Second, 2/15 (Chapter 109)
Felipe comments to Shirlei that it is strange that her father disappeared without a trace. Renan gets a participation for Adônis in a commercial. Vitória reveals to Jessica that Mário is Shirlei’s father. Beto confesses to Henrique that he can no longer hide from Tancinha what he did.

Penelope worries about Tamara’s recent explosive reactions. The lawyer explains to Apolo that he will have to wait to file Carol’s provisional custody request. Nicole offers to help Tancinha in ballet classes. Guido reveals the victory that returned to Brazil because he learned of Felipe and Shirlei’s courtship.

Tuesday, 2/16 (Chapter 110)
Flávia runs away from Apolo. Shirlei knows Guido without knowing that Felipe’s stepfather is his father. Jessica guides Carmela in her plan against Shirlei. Shirlei tries to get closer to Vitória. Bruna invites Giovanni to live in Argentina with her.

Isabel tells Apolo that they discovered Afonso’s cousin who lives abroad. Enéas tells Bruna that Camila does not remember the facts, but still has love for Giovanni. Leozinho remains in a trance, under the effect of Sapphire’s spell. Murilo visits Carol at the shelter. Tancinha comments with Apolo on her idea of ​​asking for the custody of the children.

Wednesday, 2/17 (Chapter 111)
Camila tells Giovanni that she can’t stop thinking about the boy. Apolo worries about the possibility of hurting Tamara. Following Aparício’s guidelines, Agilson is rude to Rebeca and presents her with the marriage contract. Giovanni gives up traveling with Bruna.

Rebeca’s friends are horrified by the clauses of the marriage contract and encourage the architect not to accept it. Camila and Giovanni stay together. Tancinha again has an allergic reaction when kissing Beto and ends up in the hospital. Francesca is startled when Rodrigo announces that he wants to marry her. Guido tells Vitória that he needs to appear for his children.

Thursday, 2/18 (Chapter 112)
Beto tells Tancinha that he will wait for her. Francesca runs away after Rodrigo’s marriage proposal. Tamara is surprised by Beto’s revelation about what he did to separate Tancinha from Apolo. Fedora undoes the spell that Safira put on Leozinho. Lucrécia follows Agilson, who notices the action and enters a church.

Apolo is frightened by Tamara’s proposal to marry the pilot to adopt Carol and his brothers. Lucrécia is surprised by Camila’s kindness and notices that her daughter is changing. Camila proves that Leozinho is a thug. Francesca discovers that Rodrigo has been admitted to a psychiatric clinic.

Friday, 2/19 (Chapter 113)
Isabel tells Tancinha that the judge will decide on the custody of Carol and the brothers. Giovanni is startled by Bruna’s lack of control. Francesca looks for Rodrigo at the clinic and says she accepts to marry him. Tancinha is devastated when Adonis tells him that Apollo and Tamara will be engaged.

Camila tells Leozinho that she knows everything about him. Tancinha reveals to Beto that she may be falling in love with him. Jessica tells Carmela that the plan to put Shirlei in jail includes charges of jewelry theft and assault. Leozinho assures Camila that he changed when he fell in love with Fedora.

Cicinho, Leonora and Penélope are surprised when Rebeca appears at the party. Carmela takes advantage that Shirlei is not in the room and puts Jessica’s jewelry in her sister’s bag. Jessica gun for Shirlei.

Saturday, 2/20 (Chapter 114)
Apolo tells Dulce and Isabel that Bia will stay with him. Tancinha manages to do the ballet steps, and Paloma doesn’t like it. Carmela thinks about giving up the plan against Shirlei, and Jessica scolds her. Bia hears that Dulce wants to take her abroad and is terrified.

Rebeca decides to forgive Aparício and makes an unusual proposal for him. Dinalda convinces Leonora to do the commercial in Peripécia. Leozinho asks Fedora to stay away from Camila. Camila talks to Ariovaldo about Giovanni. Carol begs for help to Tancinha and Apolo.

Shirlei falls into Jessica’s trap, and Carmela is left with remorse. Lucrécia questions Safira about Agilson’s night out. Camila looks for Giovanni. Shirlei is arrested. Tamara tries to force Beto not to tell Tancinha the truth.

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Dollar maintains R $ 5.60 between external optimism and fear of aid; Bag goes up – Prime Time Zone

High markets in Europe and the United States boost Ibovespa, despite apprehension with new rounds of benefit without austerity...

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