Has in Amaro: the new phase of the brand focused on the lifestyle of consumers


To dress women and now be part of their daily lives, this is Amaro’s new proposal. Born digitally almost ten years ago, Amaro has expanded in the lives of its consumers in order not only to dress them, but also to offer items of decoration, beauty and nutrition. With this new positioning as a brand of lifestyle, Dominique Oliver, Amaro’s founder and CEO, spoke exclusively to Casual about the brand’s key turnaround, which projects a sales increase of more than 50% in 2021.

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With a focus on the website and application, 80% of the brand is focused on e-commerce. Thus, it is clear that 2020 was not a year in which Amaro needed to reevaluate the sales model. However, there was a growth in new customers consuming branded products.

In constant contact with customers via chat, e-mail, Whatsapp and social media messages, Oliver realized that they were also looking for self-care, well-being and home products. “Amaro client very much loves the experience that we provide from the point of view of discovering the product, the ease of purchase, delivery and return. I heard a lot from customers, who are tired of having 15 different logins for each purchase site, to consume each of these categories in a separate place, ”says Oliver.