Henri Castelli cries when he says he was violently assaulted: ‘I thought my mouth was hanging down’ – Prime Time Zone


Actor stated that, at first, he said he had an accident at the gym so as not to scare the family: ‘I needed to keep my commitments’

Reproduction / Instagram / Henri CastelliActor did not reveal the reason for the attack

The actor Henri Castelli was touched this Monday, 11, when telling in a series of stories in the Instagram about a serious aggression he suffered at the end of the year, in State. According to the artist, he was with friends when he was pulled by the neck, thrown on the floor and beaten with punches and kicks, which caused an open fracture and the rupture of his jaw. “I was cowardly attacked without being able to defend myself. Violently assaulted, I had the impression that my mouth was hanging down ”, reported the actor.

Castelli had disclosed that he had suffered an accident at the academy, under the guidance of his lawyer and his press officer. According to him, the option for not telling the truth at first was not to scare his family. “I needed to keep my commitments and my work trip. But finally, now I am calm at home ”, said the heartthrob. He showed pictures of his jaw and the other injuries he suffered. Castelli also said that at first, the doctors tied his mouth with steel wires at Santa Casa de Alagoas, as he needed to finalize his commitments at work and, only on the last day 8, the surgery was performed. The artist did not reveal the reason for the attack, but said he had already registered a police report, been heard by the police and that some of the attackers had already been identified and called in to provide clarification. “I will need rest and clinical monitoring and hope that there is no sequel,” he concluded.