Humorist says pocketnaristas are the ‘most aggressive’ with jokes about politics – Prime Time Zone


In an interview with Panico, Nil Agra recalled threats and harassment he suffered after commenting on the possession of weapons: ‘If you don’t stop saying that I’ll shoot you’

Reproduction/PanicNil Agra was the guest of this Thursday, 22, of the Panic program

This Thursday, 22, the program Panic received the comedian Nil Agra, stand-up phenomenon on Youtube and social networks that stated that, even in humor, there are themes that cannot be left unmentioned. For him, the biggest critics of his jokes related to politics are the supporters of Jair Bolsonaro. “My themes were more personal, at the beginning of my career I was talking more to laugh. As time goes by, you think that the people who like me and follow me would like to know what I would like to say. There are some things that we have to talk about and cannot pass up. I talk about politics, I talk about Bolsonaro, but when it was the Dilma it’s the Lula I spoke too. Pocketnarists become more aggressive. If you speak ill of Bolsonaro to a pocketnarista, he becomes “tilte”. I find it ironic that when you say bad things about Bolsonaro to a Pocketnarista he gives PT. There are people who go crazy and curse.”

Nil got into trouble with threats to his work in humor after making jokes about carrying guns. The comedian said that, in the face of persecution, he had to move out of the house where he lived with his family. “I did my first text on gun control, because I’m against possession, I don’t think we’re ready as a society at the level we are. I got an email saying ‘if you don’t stop saying that I’ll shoot you’. I responded by saying that he had just proved my point, but the guy emailed me my address, put in the address of the school my kids attend.”

The comedian also recalled disagreements he had with Tata Werneck when he starred alongside her and other comedians in the program ‘O Estranho Show de Renatinho’, which was canceled by Multishow to make way for ‘Lady Night‘, Tata’s solo talk show. “There was no meeting, it was a message on Whatsapp. We signed a contract, they said it would have three, four seasons. What happened was they sent a message. ‘There’s going to be a second season and we wanted to know if you want to be a screenwriter.’ I don’t understand, in Tatá’s place I don’t think I would do the same thing. I don’t want to be the pinnacle of morality either, I got a little hurt, which was good for me, because I was able to focus on my work with stand-up and my channel on Youtube. Channel was going up, increasing audience. Nowadays I travel and sell theater because of the channel. The money the channel gives me today is three times what the Multishow me dava.”

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