‘I didn’t want to act like an animal’, says Fiuk about crying after night with Thaís at BBB21


Third place in Big Brother Brasil 21, Fiuk was asked why he cried after spending a night with Thaís Braz. This Wednesday (5), the singer said that he did not have sex with the dentist inside the confinement and pointed out: “I didn’t want to act like an animal”.

“With all due respect, I’ve never been without this [sexo]. So why did I cry? I felt weak from not being able to tell her not to lie on the bed. Roll, it didn’t. But even so, it was something that I felt really bad about, because I was not drunk. So, I felt really bad for not having a steady pulse “, commented Fiuk in BBB Chat.

According to the former member of the Camarote, he was almost “climbing the walls” because of sexual abstinence: “Even more with the drink, I felt very bad, of not being something I was doing consciously. When I touched myself, [fiquei com nojo], I felt weak. The only thing I couldn’t change was the cigarette. For the rest, I managed to hold my own. I didn’t want to act like an animal. Ah, need, just as I have to have lunch “.

Ana Clara Lima took the opportunity to ask the artist about his possible affair with Juliette Freire outside the house. “I went in very closed. So, at the beginning, I didn’t know what it was. I have a lot of persecution, it hindered me a little. I didn’t know if it was a joke or not, I was very afraid to get involved there. “he explained.

“The affection for her will always continue. Now, I don’t know, there will be a queue. She will look at me and say: ‘Ih’. I want to, I like her very much”, added the ex-BBB.

During the program, Fiuk was also surprised by the rejection rates of those eliminated this season. “My God, my God, I can’t say anything else. It is very difficult to talk about each story, there are many conflicts, I understand everyone’s pain. But, my God. Believe me, now, a lot of things are making me feel”, he pointed out Cleo’s brother.

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