‘I know I’m in the crosshairs’, admits Claudinho about Ilha Record voting


Commander of the Rubi team, Claudinho Matos admitted that he again runs the risk of being nominated for the hot seat of Ilha Record. This Tuesday (3), the ex-On Vacation With the Ex remembered the new defeat of the weekly challenge and said: “I know I’m in the crosshairs”.

“Second week as commander, two defeats. I’m still trying to get to know a lot about the people. We have both the interaction at home and the challenges in the competitions. At home, there are already two teams formed. I know I’m in the sights of many people. , they put me with a shark,” said Matos in the Diário dos Exploradores, content published on the reality’s social networks.

Winner of the Team Trial of the week, Nanah Damasceno celebrated the achievement in her testimony to the vlog: “I’m a commander and team champion. It’s not easy, guys, even more for me, because I’m a heart person. I look at the game and get everything”.

“Being a commander also brought me a vision that I can’t be so immediate in my choices. Prepare your hearts, because the animal will catch! I came to bring order and balance to this bagasse”, added team leader Esmeralda, who has the power to nominate a direct participant to the Survival Challenge, for having won the cross-team challenge.

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