‘I owed so much debt to come’, says Rico Melquiades on Holiday with Ex


Rico Melquiades decided to take money out of his own pocket to rock the looks during De Férias com Ex Brasil: Celebs 2. However, this Wednesday (14), the digital influencer confessed that he is sorry for the expenses and admitted: “I did so much debt to come here, my God in heaven “.

The comment amused Maju Mazalli, Flávio Nakagima and Taina Felipe, ex of Tarso Brant who will enter the MTV attraction only in tomorrow’s episode (15). “Give me a kick of how much I spent on clothes”, asked the comedian, and the veteran immediately replied: “R $ 6 thousand”. The surfer commented that the spending on clothes is normal, but Rico confessed: “I’m overly sorry”.

“Because he is not wearing anything, just shorts,” joked Taina, and Nakagima reinforced that the confining colleague will not lose investment in the productions, as he will use the pieces in other opportunities. However, Melquiades disagreed with his colleague and explained his point of view.

“I will [perder] because I know what I look like. I already lost my gold chain “, warned the content creator. Even with the little time at home, Taina took advantage of the dialogue to warn that she had also lost personal items:” I lost my body, which was along with the bikini I got, my necklace. I’m not very organized “.

“That’s why you lose, you leave things [pelo caminho]”, warned Nakagima, jokingly, in the 30 Minutes of Ex of this Wednesday.

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