‘I suffered attacks and had no one to turn to’, says Gil about homophobia


A new Globo contractor, Gilberto Nogueira vented about the homophobic attacks he suffered in recent days. This Monday (17th), the economist pointed out that he feels sorry for the people who practice this crime and recalled his experience before fame: “I suffered attacks and I had no one to turn to”.

“I wanted to bring a voice to those people even though they don’t have it, they scream, it’s called mimimi, they don’t, nobody listens, they have to listen quietly because they don’t have any resources. I suffered attacks and I had no one to turn to. Who do I turn to? I have to arrive at work 8:00 am, leave 5:00 pm, go to college 6:00 pm.

In an interview with GNT’s Papo de Segunda program, Nogueira also said that he hopes to have highlighted the importance of the LGBTQ + cause during confinement in Big Brother Brasil 21:

So, it is important that we end this. Provide protection, means and opportunities for people, in fact, to open their mouths and say: ‘It can’t be done anymore, I’m going through this’. Something that, for a long time, the reality is that there is no way for you to appeal. You scream, scream, scream, but nobody seems to hear you. That was what I wanted to talk about in Big Brother, this is what I am talking about now and I will talk about it forever. We need to give a voice, not only for me, but for all the Gils who live in anonymity, who suffer, get beat up, fight and scream very, very loudly, but have no people to listen to.

During the chat with Fábio Porchat, Emicida, Francisco Bosco and João Vicente de Castro, the former BBB was asked about the case of homophobia, in which a counselor from Sport Club Recife, club of the economist’s heart, attacked the contractor of broadcaster.

“My fear within the program was precisely this, what would this reception be like. When it came to this attack, it hurt me, I was immediately outraged, shocked. I just thought: ‘Guys, it’s just one person’. I feel sorry for such actions. good that I was embraced by the fans, by the players, by everyone. How good that we are many against these few, who are not worth my attention “, he said.

Check out some excerpts from the program: